How to Use Cafm Software for Your Business

by | Oct 5, 2022 | Blog, Business Insights

Many facilities businesses often wonder how to use CAFM software to maximise their business resources and win more contracts. CAFM is a simple way for facilities management businesses to organise all their tasks, jobs, and engineers in one place. With this app, you can easily track your progress on each task, manage engineer schedules, and report on important information.

How to use CAFM software:


1. Create Jobs & Set Tasks

You can use a CAFM system to create multiple jobs and assign them to different engineers, instantly. Job creation is fast and simple for office PC users. Fast-entry codes mean your staff have all the important information within the system. Tasks can be created to ensure all parts of the job are completed and can include mandatory image capture for compliance purposes. Set tasks are a great way to ensure specific processes are followed as engineers can’t complete the next task until the current one is finalised. It also enables the customer to request specific tasks to be completed and this is ensured when creating the job.

2. Schedule Jobs & Manage Absences

CAFM systems also have a scheduling feature that lets you plan out when and where your engineers will work each day. Through the system, you can manage employee absences, so your staff know who is available to work. You can customize your absences such as medical appointments, annual leave or bereavement leave. This helps you keep track of engineer’s holidays and allows office staff to schedule jobs more effectively based on those available. It also allows for advanced planning of jobs to help keep on top of workloads and the need for additional resources.

3. Track Job Progress

You can also use CAFM to keep track of your job progress by monitoring the tasks on a job. This allows you to see exactly which stage of the job the engineer is at and how many tasks are still left to complete.  It enables you to communicate with your client, giving regular updates on job progression and an estimated completion timescale. This transparent relationship between supplier and customer will help to manage expectations and generate repeat business or referrals in the future through excellent customer service levels.

4. Manage Contracts & Recurring Jobs

Here’s how to use CAFM software to manage your contracts and make recurring jobs simple. With just one click, you can add new clients, edit existing ones, and assign them to different engineers. You can also set up recurring jobs, so you never miss important deadlines. You can set recurring jobs on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis. These can help ensure compliance with equipment that needs regular servicing and maintenance.

5. Generate Reports

A CAFM system has several reports that help you track a variety of different elements that can help increase productivity and customer service. See how well you are meeting your service level agreements, hours spent on a particular job or jobs completed per day, week or month. These reports will help you make more informed decisions and improve the overall operations for the better. They will give you detailed insights into your workflow and help to ensure a more efficiently run business.

Most companies wonder how to use CAFM software to improve their operations. CAFM systems are a great way for facilities management companies to keep track of jobs, contracts, engineers and much more. The systems are decided to be user-friendly and help the overall running of the business, improving productivity and enabling more jobs to be completed per day.

The ability to off customers a transparent overview of their jobs helps to create better relationships and deliver customer excellence.

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