Digital Form Secrets for Facilities Management Businesses

by | Jun 13, 2022 | Blog, Business Insights

Digital forms will transform how your business operates. From faster processing to safe storage, digital is the way to go. Paper copies are a thing of the past and often cause problems for FM businesses. Field engineers receive multiple jobs per day, meaning physical paperwork is often misplaced or damaged. Spend less time on the paperwork and more time on the job with field service software.

What are digital forms?

Digital forms are a copy of your existing paper-based forms that are transformed to work within your mobile or desktop. Engineers can complete these forms from their mobile devices, save the information which is stored in the cloud and send it back to the office for processing.

How do digital forms help facilities management businesses?

Enhanced Operational Cost Management

Transforming how your field teams work is essential to staying competitive. By adopting a field service software to manage all your existing paperwork, means your teams have more time to spend on jobs and less time travelling to and from the office to deliver paperwork.

The sustainability aspect allows facilities management businesses to reduce their carbon footprint through less travel and less paper. You’ll save significantly on office stationery and printing costs throughout the year.

Spotting Trends

Having the ability to generate reports means management is able to identify trends betters. This could be staffing trends or maintenance trends which could save your customers money. Let’s say your customer is requesting a call-out to a piece of equipment every week due to breakdowns or malfunctions. Rather than constant call-outs, you can suggest an asset upgrade which may prove more cost-effective in the future.

Likewise, with staffing trends, management may notice an increase in absence from a particular member of staff. By reporting on employee timesheets, you can spot absence trends quickly and address these before it becomes a bigger problem.

Better Data Management

With everything saved on the WorkPal system, facilities management staff are able to locate, pull and analyse information faster. This is also beneficial when auditing is taking place within the workplace. Digital forms can be found instantly for each job completed and all compliance information is available at the click of a button.

The cloud-storage elements give a better level of data security for both your business and your customer’s information.

If you think that FM software and operations and processes automation is just hype, think twice. It’s already here and many organisations already benefit from it.

Optimise your performance and stay ahead of the game with facilities management software for your field engineers and office employees.


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