Vehicle Tracking

A real time vehicle tracking solution

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The real time tracking function allows you to keep completely up to date.

This information is vital in order for you to assign, monitor and track mobile workers and to continually optimise performance.

Raising the visibility of your fleet and drivers means you can achieve the best output from each asset and resource and reduce operational costs. This saves valuable time, gets mobile staff to their jobs quicker and improves customer services.

Vehicle Tracking

Live Vehicle Location

Keep track of your vehicles’ exact location at any time.

Journey History

Review vehicle journeys over a specific time period

Set Location Alerts

Alerts for when vehicles enter or leave specific areas

Speeding Reports

Review speeding offences with detailed reports & alerts

Free Driver App

Manage your fleet from anywhere an at time

Easy Self Install

No strenuous install process, no vehicle downtime or loss of earnings.

Our customers currently benefitting from WorkPal 

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“WorkPal makes things quick. We have to be fairly reactive and with call-outs it’s great, because we can see who the closest engineer is and quickly send them the job.”

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