Best Tradesman Scheduling Software for Small Businesses

by | Sep 1, 2022 | Blog, Business Insights

Tradesman scheduling software helps you track time spent on jobs, generate invoices, and send them to clients so you can keep accurate records of your operative’s time and expenses. The scheduling software allows office staff to easily assign and reassign jobs at the click of a button, from anywhere. It helps improve productivity by up to 40% as field operatives have less travel time to and from the office.

Manage Jobs from Anywhere.

Tradesmen can access their schedule from anywhere using the WorkPal app on their mobile phones or tablet. This means there is less travel time to and from the office to get daily schedules. It also makes the reassigning of jobs much easier should an engineer be unavailable. With WorkPal, office staff can see which field operatives are available to complete the job, who has sufficient resources or who is closest to the customer’s site. This improves the customer experience, with little to no disruption to the client.

Create Invoices and Send Them to Clients.

If you use a tradesman scheduling software, you can easily create invoices and then send them to your clients. Invoices are automatically generated once a job has been marked as complete with a customer’s signature. Contactless signatures are available through scanning a QR code or being emailed to the customers. Invoices will detail the amount to be paid by the customer and can be accompanied by a tradesman’s job sheet for proof of work which includes the customer’s signature. These can be printed, emailed and stored for the customer should they require them at a later date.

Integrate with Accounting Systems.

You should integrate your tradesman scheduling software with an accounting system so that you can track your income and expenses. This will help you improve cash flow by ensuring you are managing your money and not spending in excess of the job quotation. WorkPal integrates with popular accountancy software such as Sage, Xero and Quickbooks.

Add Notes and Images to Each Task.

With tradesman scheduling software, operatives are able to add notes and images of the jobs. The system can be set up to prompt operatives to complete these before moving on to the next stage of the job. This helps with compliance in the future for some industries. Notes and images can be used in future jobs should similar issues occur. Operatives will have something to refer to and this can speed up the time to complete a job.

Track Tasks Completed and Parts Used.

The office staff has the ability to assign a number of tasks to operatives. These are different stages that should be carried out within the job. It helps ensure operatives follow the correct processes while also giving office-based employees visibility of job progress. This allows them to either communicate with the client that a job may take longer than expected or reallocate staff resources should a job be completed quicker than expected.

The tracking of parts can be beneficial to operatives working in the field as they are able to manage resources more effectively, collect additional parts if needed or look at what parts were historically used in a similar job. This speeds up the job completion time and improves the customer’s experience.


Overall, tradesmen scheduling software is a very beneficial tool for field operatives. This could be electricians, plumbers, service technicians etc. The Field Service Management software helps to improve productivity, completing jobs faster and therefore getting paid quicker. It ensures no invoicing for jobs is missed and improves the business’s overall cash flow. Ultimately, it will save you time and money.

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