CAFM System Computer Aided Facilities Management System

by | Aug 26, 2021 | Blog, Business Insights

Computer-aided facility management (CAFM) has grown in popularity in recent years. WorkPal offers a CAFM system that will help business owners to increase their company’s efficiency and the productivity of their workforce. From the daily management of incoming jobs to invoicing clients on completion, WorkPal provides the perfect digital solution to problems that businesses face when using a paper-based system.

WorkPal is a cloud-based field service management software that allows online, offline and remote working. Working with a number of businesses throughout the UK, WorkPal aims to transform the way field engineers communicate through software that tracks and manages jobs.


WorkPal client Pure Fitout states:

“We would highly recommend WorkPal. The ease of use and structure of the WorkPal system has helped us to manage our workload effectively. To have all the information on one platform, accessible at any time or location, is the perfect solution for any company running daily or recurring jobs.”


WorkPal’s CAFM System


WorkPal helps you to streamline your business processes and distribute jobs effectively to field engineers. The software has a built-in scheduling tool that allows office staff to see an overview of the daily tasks assigned to each engineer. Using a simple drag and drop and colour allocation tool you can effectively manage each employee’s workload.


When engineers are out in the field for a majority of the day, it can be difficult to track their work progress and to communicate effectively with members of staff. However, through WorkPal, employers can add tasks to each job and track these in order to see the status of the job. The WorkPal app also acts as a method of communication that can be used by office staff and engineers to upload important information which updates in real-time.


WorkPal’s CAFM System allows engineers to provide information to client’s throughout the duration of a job. The software offers a built-in client portal that gives customers access to view job progress, costs and the estimated time of completion. WorkPal also offers more advantages when acquiring new clients. You can send them quotes and when they have accepted the offer you can raise a job with the click of a button.


Client data is a top priority for business owners and is essential for employees to complete specific jobs. At WorkPal, data is stored securely in a space where staff have the ability to access the information they require throughout their working day.


Managing the financial side of your business has never been easier with WorkPal by your side. The software allows business owners to manage cash flows more effectively with instant invoicing and manage budgets, with all quotations being stored online. WorkPal will also help businesses to create reports through the use of built-in reports. From timesheets and jobs to client data this will allow you to gather the information you need to get a clear overview of your business.

For more information on WorkPal and how their CAFM management software can benefit your business, book a demo today.