What Makes the Best Electrical Certificate software?

by | Sep 27, 2022 | Blog, Business Insights

The best electrical certificate software programs offer features that allow you to generate certificates quickly and easily. It will also store these electrical certificates in a central, online location that your clients can access from anywhere. It should provide features to help you manage your jobs and keep track of all the actions involved in receiving a certificate for compliance purposes.

The best electrical certificate software should have a user-friendly interface.

An excellent electrical certificate software program should make it easy to generate certificates. It should also give you access to all the necessary tools to complete your jobs, including a breakdown of tasks to complete. If you need to add more than one type of certification, the software should let you do so without going back and forth between different windows and give access to these at all times.

It should offer a variety of features.

You should choose a program with a wide range of features. The best electrical certificate software will have a host of features that allow you to store and manage certificates and enable your engineers to be scheduled for the jobs, showing the tasks that need to be completed and any parts required. It should include the option to build reports and offer your clients access to a portal where they can see, download or print off their certificates without contacting you.

Does it have remote access?

If you need to work with multiple clients at once, then you should choose a program that allows you to do so. It should also allow you to set up different client portals so that each client only sees what they need to see. Giving your staff and your customer’s access to documents from remote locations means they can work from anywhere. Having certificates stored in the cloud means you can quickly find them and provide them for compliance reasons easily.

It should be reliable.

A very important thing to consider is the reliability of the software you are thinking of implementing. Take a look at their current customers, case studies and reviews online about the company to see how they manage their customers and what their ongoing support services are like. Check out their website to see what the implementation process is like and if they provide training for your staff.
You want to invest in software that is going to work for your business long term. Consider things like:

  • Are they continually developing the software?
  • Have they made any recent investments in the business?
  • Do they have any significant clients?
  • Are they hiring any new staff?
  • Do they have offices in multiple locations?
  • What are their previous financials like?
  • How long have they been around?

It should be affordable.

Affordability is usually dependent on the business itself, so you need to consider what is affordable to you. Take into account the number of jobs you are typically completing per
week. Will these cover your costs? What are you quoting your engineers at? Does this need to increase?

  • Although you need to make sure the system is affordable for you, also think about:
    Will the system grow as your business grows or will you have to switch systems later down the line? This can be an additional cost in setup and will take time.
  • What is the setup cost and what does this include?
  • What are you currently spending on fuel and office supplies like printing and stationery?
  • How many hours are you losing because of manual admin?
  • How many jobs are you not invoicing or late invoicing due to missing job sheets or simply forgetting?
  • What are your competitors using? Could a software solution make you more competitive and ultimately win more contracts?

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There are many elements that make up the best electrical certificate software. If you are an electrical business looking to streamline your operations and work efficiently, then you should consider a digital solution. It will make your business stand out in a competitive industry by looking much more professional and giving the clients access to their own documentation online.

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