TES Group Improves Scheduling Jobs For Engineers With WorkPal

by | Nov 20, 2023


Responsible for water treatment, wastewater treatment, power conservation and distribution throughout the UK, TES Group’s IT Manager, explains how they heavily rely on WorkPal to schedule jobs for engineers.

TES Group is an expert in providing water treatment solutions for municipal, industrial and domestic sectors ranging from turnkey packages to the design and construction of extensive water treatment facilities. They also specialise in Switchgear, MCC’s and electrical control panels.

Date: 20 November 2023



He explains, “Before WorkPal, scheduling jobs for engineers was a difficult task. It was hard to know who was where and best suited to carry out a work order. This was particularly difficult in emergency response jobs. With the WorkPal solution, our engineers can now easily see exactly where our mobile staff are and what they are doing. This visibility saves valuable time and gets our engineers to jobs quicker.

“Invoicing also took up a lot of time previously. We could have anything up to 200 small jobs a week. Pricing these up is very time consuming. With WorkPal this all happens automatically now which is a great help as all the rates are built into the system.”



WorkPal supplied TES with its end-to-end job management system. The WorkPal solution now enables TES to quickly schedule jobs for engineers to their mobile app, which they use on-site to complete documentation, take pictures, capture clients’ signatures and more.

Once a job is completed, all the information is automatically synced back to the office, invoices can be generated, service histories are created and recurring maintenance is automatically scheduled.

The IT Manager explains, “Getting this system implemented in such a short space of time was a big ask. We needed a custom API built to tie in with our client’s system as well as a number of other tweaks to the system in order to fit our requirements. WorkPal was able to meet our deadline and incorporate the additional features we required. As we started using the system we came up with amendments that our business would need during our initial scope. WorkPal was more than happy to incorporate these for us.”



“The biggest benefit we have noticed is being able to respond faster to emergency jobs. Being able to see where all the engineers are and what they are working on lets our work control team find the closest suitable engineer. Before WorkPal, this process took a considerable amount of time. Now, it’s a matter of seconds. This means we can offer our clients a much better service and are more competitive as a result. Everything is in real time, no information is lost, and everything is traceable with a tracking history. It’s simplifying our processes which is fantastic.

“The feature I like best is how WorkPal ties in with Google Maps. When an engineer receives a work order, the app shows an estimate of how long it will take to get to the site and with a few clicks, Google Maps works as a Sat Nav to get you to the site.”



“Our customers are now getting a better insight into what work is being done and when. The app automatically notifies our customers when we schedule jobs for engineers and when they are on route, when they arrive and when the job is complete. Health and safety are also very important to us as a company so it’s great that WorkPal prompts our engineers to fill out risk assessments before every job. It’s great having all this info stored in the app and having it sync with Head Office. If our engineers are working in a remote location with poor signal, the information is all stored in the app and then syncs automatically to head office once the engineer comes back into an area with reception.”

“WorkPal makes things quick. We have to be fairly reactive and with callouts, it’s great because we can see who the closest engineer is and quickly send them the job.

“We’re ensuring jobs don’t get missed, we’re keeping customers happy and we’re making sure we don’t lose any revenue.”



“I would recommend WorkPal and indeed, we have already recommended it to a few other companies! The app has so many features that make managing mobile workers much more efficient and will enhance our ability to manage our growing workforce and client base effectively.”

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