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Keep your field engineers and office staff connected.

The WorkPal mobile application allows your field engineers to stay in touch with your back office, send and receive important information and capture on-site data. All information is stored online and synced back to the desktop app in real-time.

Data capture

Capture data on-site quickly and easily through the WorkPal mobile app. Engineers are assigned jobs with tasks to complete and parts needed. Prompt necessary document completion to ensure your business is remaining compliant at all times.

Engineers can attach notes and images to jobs for references which are all synced to the back off in real-time. Contactless customer signatures can be collected through the app to ensure jobs are signed off as complete and the customer is happy with the work.

5 Ways Field Service Management Software Can Benefit Your Business.

5 Ways Field Service Management Software Can Benefit Your Business.

Mobile quoting

Allow field engineers to create quotes for customers while on site to provide a faster and more accurate service. Quoting while on the job helps prevent loss of work,
more accurate quoting and a better customer experience.
Email quotes directly to the customer and have them sign
off on the job instantly. A more reactive and flexible service leads to repeat jobs.

Connected, to get the job done

“Our operatives have access to jobs and relevant information on their mobile devices, enabling them to improve their own productivity and concentrate on their workload.”

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