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Maximise job completion with the best routes everyday

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Plan the best routes and schedules for your mobile workforce

The Scheduling Map on WorkPal, helps to manage your open jobs easier than ever before. It calculates travel time between jobs and flags up any scheduling overlaps.

This information is vital in order for you to assign, monitor and track scheduled work and to continually optimise performance.

Raising the visibility of your mobile workforce means you can achieve the best output from each day and reduce operational costs.

This saves valuable time, gets mobile staff to their jobs quicker, and improves the level of information available across the business which can help keep customers in the loop!

Strategically aligning jobs and routes means you can achieve the best output each day and reduce operational costs.

Scheduling Map WorkPal

Enhance Visibility

Keep customers informed without having to ring the engineer, use the system to get a clear picture of job progress and scheduled work.

Optimise Routes

Keeping a close eye on where operatives are scheduled helps to achieve the best output from each day and reduce operational costs.

Streamline Administration

Use the Scheduling Map to continually optimise performance, check jobs have enough travel time and are planned for success.


Minimise Scheduling Overlaps

The map calculates travel time between each job and warns if the scheduled time isn’t enough, ensuring seamless scheduling every time.

Using this tool saves valuable time on administration:

  • reduce manual calculations and errors
  • get your mobile workforce to their jobs quicker
  • improve customer service with better visibility

 Our team can walk you through this feature and show you exactly how it works. 

Connected, to get the job done

“Having a job management system has improved both our internal and external communications. We are able to see where engineers are, what time they arrived or left a job, and most importantly that they are safe.”

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