Benefits of Having a Cloud Based CAFM System

by | Apr 22, 2022 | Blog

As our work lives are moving into the digital age, with more focus on social media advertising, so is the way work is managed. With the use of a cloud based CAFM system, jobs get done much quicker and more efficiently as everything is recorded on a cloud based system.


Work tasks are not only much clearer and well managed, but the work environment is also much more enjoyable with a good system in place. 


Below you’ll find some great benefits behind using a job management software.

What Exactly is CAFM?

CAFM stands for computer-aided facilities management technology and it’s used to help businesses better manage their workplace. Employers and employees can stay connected by accessing the software on their mobile devices or tablets where they can see the job schedule


This means everyone knows what tasks are to be completed and the stages each is at, which avoids confusion and keeps everybody in the workplace informed. CAFM systems are definitely the way forward when it comes to better managing their business. 


Benefits of a Cloud Based CAFM System

Improves Efficiency 

With this work management system, you can schedule jobs, keep track of the progress and completion of tasks and see real-time information accessible on any smart device. No wonder things get done quicker, and remember that efficiency with job completion means satisfied customers. 


With CAFM systems like Workpal, you can be sure all your data is secure and will not be lost, since it’s stored in a cloud based system. You no longer need to worry about losing viable information scribbled on pieces of paper and kept in a folder in the office, as all information is stored online and accessible at any time

Better Service 

Better efficiency means a better delivered service to customers, which can only be positive news for a business. Not only does the employer and employees see real time information on taste but so do the customers. 


They will be able to quickly check the job progress and rest assured that everything is going according to plan. 

Better Communication 

Both staff within the office and those working in the field will be able to stay connected and communicate using a field management CAFM system. This also comes down to the improved communication between the client and the employee, and with one person paying for a job it’s good to keep them informed on the progress. 

Saves Money

Not having to rely on paperwork means less office supplies, since everything is now digital. With all transactions being recorded on a system easily accessible at any time, budgeting is made a lot easier. You can simply have a look at reports and plan your expenditures.


As you can see, CAFM systems are the way forward when it comes to better managing your business and workflow. 


A better communications system like this has proven to have incredible results, with more businesses switching to digital field management.


Job management software makes work simpler, not only that, but easier and more enjoyable both for employers, employees and customers. 


If you’d like to hop on the bandwagon of this digital revolution, you can book a demo with Workpal today.