Six Ways Cleaning Management Software Benefits Your Business

by | Feb 17, 2022 | Blog, E-Guides

Cleaning businesses are essential, we saw this throughout the pandemic particularly. The cleanliness in any building is important, and it must be kept to a schedule for many businesses to ensure compliance. If you are a cleaning company that has a lot of clients and contracts, then our cleaning job management software is the perfect solution to aid in your business running and growth opportunities.

Being a highly competitive industry to operate in, you really need a competitive edge and our management solution gives you just that. When a new business approaches, more often than not, the job is time critical and the client is ready to sign, so having a quote to them in a timely manner is essential. 

Our software allows for the management of incoming enquiries, which in turn give you or your team the ability to respond with estimates and quotes quite literally at the touch of a button. 

Each of our solutions are tailored to business needs, allowing you to collect as much information from your customers to allow for the quickest quote response. 

Once work is confirmed, the job will be sent out to one of the cleaning teams – scheduled programming enables a hands free approach to your business and gives you time to focus on other areas of your business.


Efficiency Scheduling

With steady orders and a large customer base, having an efficient system in place is essential to your businesses success. Our systems allow for tracking and customers upcoming and repeat jobs to ensure that business is not lost, no more mix up with locations or forgetting certain jobs – the job management software for cleaning companies allows you to track this all in one place.


Employee Management

The allocation of duties can be time consuming, then taking into account cancellations, employees that are sick or other incidents can prove impossible. Our cleaning software system can be set to manage holidays and absences so you know who is available for upcoming jobs.


Real Time Monitoring

Our real time monitoring function allows your business to improve efficiency. 

Office staff are able to see when a shift has been started once all mandatory checklists have been completed. Throughout the job, engineers can close off specific tasks to show the progress of the job which is fed back to the office in real-time.


Simplified Working

With the ability to access this software on any device, work is streamlined into one manageable platform. Important information, documentation, invoices, job details and client information can be accessed anywhere – speeding up workflow


Automated Invoicing

Cashflow is often one of the hardest to manage parts of the business. If invoices aren’t sent out on time and payments are not collected, it can have harmful implications. Job management software can provide instant invoicing once a job is marked complete which can be emails to the client, downloaded or printed with a copy stored on the WorkPal system. It also gathers client information and staffing hours to allow you to analyse and reorganise your staff force to better serve your business needs.


At WorkPal, we ensure that inventory control is monitored, data flows freely through your business and that all information is centrally accessible. With improved efficiency, streamlined processes and an informed workforce, you will be able to substantially boost your bottom line.