by | Sep 15, 2016 | Blog

Why would you want to use time tracking software at your construction, plumbing, electrical or facilities management? Well, there are lots of reasons. Here’s just a few:


  1. Keep on Track – Online time tracking is a great tool to help your team stay on track. Assign a certain amount of hours to each job, report on jobs that have come under or gone over the time.
  2. Capture all your costs – Have you been under-estimating or under-billing clients for the time it take sot do a job? With accurate time tracking software, you’ll never do this again.
  3. Improve Quotes – You have multiple jobs and varying hours for each job. Log them all accurately with time tracking software. You’ll get a quicker view of how long a job actually takes, so you can adjust it accordingly. It will also benefit you if the jobs are reoccurring maintenance jobs, meaning you’ll never lose out.
  4. Add value for client – Clients want to see a value for their spend. With logged job times and job reports that have a breakdown of costs and hours, you can help the client understand the cost and allow them to budget accordingly.


Time tracking and job reports are included in the WorkPal software package. Additionally, you also get job invoicing and job tracking included. WorkPal integrates with most accountancy software packages and with its intuitive design, is easily adopted and used by staff.


To find out more about WorkPal workflow software and how it can benefit your business, call us on 02890 960 033 or e-mail info@yourworkpal.com