5 Benefits of Field Service Management Software

by | May 7, 2021 | Blog

Operating in the field service industry can be competitive and often management of jobs can become complicated. If your business is still functioning on a paper-based system then there are benefits of field service management software to your operations and streamlining how you manage your jobs, engineers and paperwork.

Staying ahead of the curve is essential to service businesses and a software solution can help differentiate you from the competition. Field service software works across all types of industries including facilities management, plumbing and heating, electrical, internal maintenance, HVAC, fire and security. If you operate with mobile workers then here are 5 benefits of field service management software.


40% Increase in Productivity

Having a software solution means your field service engineers can communicate directly with your back-office staff and vice versa. Jobs are created and assigned directly to the engineer’s mobile devices. This reduces travel time between the office and your customer’s site, allowing more jobs to be completed per day.

Each job includes tasks to complete and any parts needed, meaning engineers have all relevant information to complete the job faster and more effectively.


Better Service Delivery to your Customers

As your field service engineers are out on site, your back office team can assign jobs to those closest to the next customer, providing customers with faster response times.

All information for job completion is stored within the WorkPal app including service history and any additional information. This is a real benefit of field service management software for your customers. Happier customers often lead to repeat customers and referrals.


No Lost Paperwork

A paper-heavy system often leads to lost paperwork as it gets transported from site to office and from office to filing cabinet. This can be job sheets, timesheets, quotations or invoices, all of which cause headaches for admin staff. With a software solution, all paperwork is transformed into a digital document and software on the system, allowing access at any time.

Contactless signatures now mean customers can sign off on job completion without swapping devices with engineers. QR scanning enables clients to scan using their mobile device, sign off on completion and send it back to the engineer which is then stored against that job.


Improves Cash flow

Accurate quotations and quicker invoicing are just another one of the benefits of field service management software. With previous job history and costs stored within the WorkPal system, customer quotes are much more accurate, meaning no more eating into your profits for underpriced jobs.

Once a job has been signed off by a customer, an invoice can be automatically generated by WorkPal and sent to the customer. This eliminates the possibility of missed invoices and encourages the customer to settle payment faster.


Data For Decisions

Building reports on a paper-based structure can be lengthy and complicated. Admin staff manually enter data into a spreadsheet and compare the information. With field service software, you can instantly create custom reports for jobs, shifts and fleet.

Each report contains key information that management can use to make informed business decisions. Each report can be cross-referenced to ensure the business is operating as efficiently as possible and shows areas where you can improve.


Don’t get stuck in the past with a paper-heavy system. Invest in field service software and see the benefits for yourself. Book a demo with our team today.