Importance of Field Service Software for an HVAC Field Professional

by | Apr 23, 2022 | Blog

Businesses aim to achieve optimised work performances from their field workers.

Software such as WorkPal aid businesses in maximising their work orders and organise dispatching jobs. This software enable businesses to monitor and manage documents, employees and work orders on a single platform. 


What Is Field Service Software?

This is a digital software that helps organise business which supply a service to clients such as landscaping, machine maintenance or cleaning; schedule multiple work orders simultaneously. It is a type of job management software that optimises the operational performance of HVAC field professionals.

By optimising processes, revenue can be maximised as well as meeting KPIs that measure work performance more effectively. Additionally, field service software can help professionals access all the essential information needed for projects  such as directions to site and having previous work records. It can aid in assisting more customers and providing better service. 


Who Would Benefit From Field Service Software? 

SME’s can significantly benefit from having a field service software. In particular, field professionals who need to fulfil client requests with efficiency and diligence. This type of work includes creating work invoices, client support, tracking job progress and so much more. Field service software acts as an extra hand to field professionals as a hub for all things management. 


Features of Field Service Software: 

  • Access historical quotes for similar jobs to help you build a proposal that is accurate and professional. Reduce the likeness of unexpected costs and increase your profit margins going forward with WorkPal.


  • The scheduling tool allows you to see at a glance the daily jobs assigned and the drag and drop technology facilitates easy overview, assignment and dispatch of jobs to your mobile workforce. The key shown in the scheduling tool differentiates the status of jobs, allowing for easy tracking – jobs not started, jobs in progress, jobs paused and jobs complete.


  • Transform paper forms into digital documents which are all stored in the cloud. Data capture from the app will automatically sync back to the desktop. Office staff have accurate and real-time information that can be emailed to clients or exported to your device.


  • Jobs pushed through to the HVAC field professional’s mobile app contain important information, like which tasks need to be carried out and which parts are needed. This information is stored within each job, making it easy for engineers to refer back when needed. Additionally, rates and costs can be set against tasks, and these can be pulled into invoicing or aid with job costing. All tasks can be Fast Entry Coded making it quick and easy to add tasks to a job, reducing admin time.


  • When it comes to ordering materials or parts, administration can be complex and time consuming. Work smarter with a solution that streamlines the process and gives traceability to users. Having the ability to raise digital purchase orders saves your business time and money, gives office staff more control and improves overall service delivery to your end client.


  • Through WorkPal’s asset management software, fixed assets can be maintained, tracked and serviced giving a clear overview of the asset on-site, the condition and service history of the asset, any parts, notes, documents or forms on that asset. All on-site asset information can be accessed through client portals. Barcode/QR Code scanning can be used on the mobile app to aid with the tracking, servicing and maintaining. Scanning QR/Barcodes on the mobile app can instantly pull through associated information of that asset, to allow for data capture.


  • Monitor and track mobile workers and to continually optimise performance. Raising the visibility of your fleet and drivers means you can achieve the best output from each asset and resource and reduce operational costs. This saves valuable time, gets mobile staff to their jobs quicker and improves customer services.


  • Gives your customers access to view what you want them to see – log jobs online, access jobs you have completed on site, assets on site, jobs in progress. The ability to utilise client portals is a great advantage during the tender process and gives a more thorough service to customers.


  • Stay on top of budgets and support financial planning by maintaining a real-time cost history against individual assets and by monitoring performance KPIs.


  • Reporting is a vital aspect of mobile workforce management – allowing for analysis of business and employee performance. Custom reports can be built to pull out information. Information can be pulled from timesheets, jobs, client data, forms to collate this information together to fulfil requirements.