3 Ways Job Scheduling Software Can Streamline Your Service Business

by | Apr 7, 2022 | Blog, Business Insights, E-Guides

Service sector businesses rely on operations running smoothly to ensure customers have the best possible experience every time. To do this effectively, a job management system can help. Scheduling jobs through instant messaging apps or via email can get confusing and messages or emails can be missed. With a software solution, your office staff can quickly see an operative’s availability, previous location, and skill set to schedule jobs appropriately.

Here are a few ways the WorkPal app’s scheduling feature can benefit your service business:

  1. Personalised Priority Codes

By personalising your priority codes to your business you will get a much more accurate recommended completion date (RCD) when creating your customer’s jobs on the WorkPal system. This will give you a much more justified timeline for the job to be completed and enable your teams to plan better.

  1. Schedule Start and End dates

Depending on the workflow you choose on the WorkPal system, you can schedule your start date/time and scheduled end date/time to leave a small buffer zone to the RCD. This is a good way to ensure you stay within SLAs and provide enough time for engineers between the end time of this job and the start time of the next. You can see your SLA times within the SLA reports in the reporting section of WorkPal.

  1. Recurring Jobs

If your client requires you to complete specific jobs on a regular basis, you can set this up within the system rather than duplicating work each time the job is requested. You are able to select how often the job will recur on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis. In the preferences section of WorkPal’s job scheduling software, you can select what tasks need to recur and if you need these to recur from the RCD date or the Completion Date. Should you have a recurring job that will only last 6 for a 6 month period and requires a specific member of staff to complete, you can set this all up and saves your office staff time rather than scheduling this job each month.

These specific features within job scheduling software are often underutilised but can make for much smoother operations and free up a lot of time for your office staff. Our Customer Success team work with clients on a daily basis, to ensure they are getting the very most from the system.

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