How Electrical Service Companies Are Using WorkPal to Improve Their Business

by | Apr 20, 2022 | Blog

With WorkPal, electrical service companies can organise their workload with an easy to use job management software, making work tasks more efficient to keep track of. 


Connected with various devices, management and employees can view job scheduling, job progress and costings in real-time meaning that information is accurate and in a central location. 


Having access to real time information means there is no need to make additional calls to check up on your employees and jobs are completed much quicker. 


Below are two success stories of electrical companies who used WorkPal and transformed their business for the better. 


CRM Electrical Services

In operation since 2016, CRM is a Scottish business specialising in electrical installation services who started using WorkPal and never looked back. Having a lot of jobs to maintain and many materials to keep track of, Workpal was the best solution in organising everything digitally.


CRM have managed to improve their work progress by being able to manage their staff and tasks better stressing that “WorkPal has taken the pressure off myself and the team.”. He also added that having information laid out on a screen is much more efficient than relying on scribbled notes which can get easily lost. 


Storing information online means all valuable data is protected and won’t get lost, and it’s also easy to access by everybody in the workplace. It’s clear that Workpal improves the communication within a work management 

Temple Electrical Services


This Northern Irish electrical contractor operates around the entire country, taking on full projects in relation to electrical needs. Temple Electrical Services started using Workpal to better organise their business and have admitted that a job management software allowed them to better manage jobs. 


This means they now have more time to focus on the actual service rather than spending a big chunk of time on administrative work. Saving time, Temple Electrical services is now also saving money thanks to job management software WorkPal. 


They also admitted that the overall completion of a job is much more efficient as the entire process is recorded digitally. From the initial planning of the project to invoicing they no longer use paper spreadsheets that only make things complicated and disorganised.


Engineers within the business found the WorkPal software very easy to navigate, mentioning its ‘user friendly’ and in no time, the entire workforce of Temple Electrical Services was using WorkPal.


Making things easier within a workplace is the key to getting things done quicker and more efficiently. 


As you can see, the success stories speak for themselves and investing in an improved way of managing jobs is proven to be effective within electrical service companies. 

If you’d like to save time and create a better and easier work environment for your employees then you should book a demo with our team, who will advise you on the best next steps forward.