The Best Electrical Contractor Software

by | Aug 31, 2021 | Blog, Business Insights

Electrical contractors play an essential role in the running of day to day business life. Managing this workforce can be difficult, especially if your employees are out on site throughout the day. Introducing WorkPal’s electrical contractor software as part of their working day will provide a full job management software that can be accessed from the office or while on the road.

WorkPal is a cloud based field service management software that allows online, offline and remote working. We work with a number of Electrical Contractors throughout the UK and have increased their business efficiency by connecting office staff, field engineers and clients. 


Steven from Temple Electrical Services States:

“I would absolutely recommend Workpal, in fact, I have done it on several occasions already and I hope that I can spread the word and other companies can receive the help that mine has.”


Introducing Electrical Contractor Software To Your Business

It is essential that employee’s shifts are scheduled in advance, as this helps your business to run smoothly. However, jobs can come through quickly and having office staff send out jobs via text can be time consuming and can be forgotten about or left to the last minute. If you struggle with your time management, don’t panic! WorkPal has you covered. Through our software, you can schedule and allocate jobs to field engineers using a simple drag and drop system. Colour allocation will also distinguish the job’s status to help manage workflows better.


Office staff and field engineers often use a number of platforms to stay in touch throughout the working day. This can be confusing and can cause communication between members of staff to break down. Using the WorkPal app will help to increase productivity and communication between your workforce as they will have one method of communication that is easy to use and updates in real-time.


Client’s often ask for regular updates on the project you are working on. WorkPal has a built-in portal feature for clients that gives your customers the ability to view details on job progress, costs and estimated completion dates and times. This feature has significantly helped our customers win large scale tenders. Through WorkPal you can send quotes and when they are accepted you can raise a job with one simple click. This information is stored within the system and can be referred back to at any time to keep within budget.


Accessing important data can sometimes be a worry for business owners. However, with WorkPal data is stored securely in one centralised location. This gives staff the ability to access the information they require to complete a job from anywhere, at any time of the day. Creating data reports has never been easier. There is a built-in custom report software so you can access timesheets, jobs, client data and so much more.


Using electrical contractor software won’t only improve efficiency within your business, but it will also help you to save costs in the long term. Staying on top of your company’s budgets and financial planning has never been simpler with WorkPal.

For more information on how our electrical contractor software can benefit your business, book a demo with us today. The team at WorkPal are available to contact for general enquiries through email at or you can call us on 02890271777.