Construction Management Software

by | Feb 18, 2022 | Blog, Business Insights

The equipment that your company has is a major investment. With equipment costs up to hundreds of thousands of pounds, looking after it and ensuring that it is well maintained to do the job should be a top priority. 


Equipment in any construction company is constantly rotated between jobs  and keeping track of the maintenance required during the rotations can be a time consuming and nearly impossible task. To ensure the least amount of down time on your equipment, a job management software that aids in the tracking of maintenance as well as jobs is essential to the efficient running of your operations.


Our job management software for construction companies is changing the way the sector operates, allowing the tracking and managing of all machinery and equipment at the touch of a button – anytime, anywhere! Not only does it aid in the maintenance, it boosts communication efforts, connecting the machine operators to office clerks and those in management positions as well – seamlessly connecting your business for optimum performance. 


The advantages that are associated with management software:

  • Real time insights into maintenance needs
  • More profit due to improved efficiency
  • Driver safety improved
  • Longer lifespan for equipment
  • Less fuel consumption


When the equipment you use is better maintained and internal communication is improved, the business operations become more efficient and therefore more profitable, resulting in more returning customers and more jobs within your workforce. 


Job Management For Construction

Each of our offerings in management software are tailored for every business. Our systems at WorkPal allow you to track every piece of machinery that you have, including fleet vehicles.

If any of your workforce need access to the maintenance records, location or repair/inspection requests and a string of other information, then they have access to this on any of their devices.

The maintenance of the equipment used in construction is so important and being able to track and manage this on one platform across the company enables your firm to work well and easily together – desk or operations roles. 


Advantages Of Our Software

  • Less delays due to non-operational equipment
  • Improved safety and efficiency
  • Prompt and scheduled repairs
  • Less paperwork, all information contained on one system
  • Workload more easily managed


By collating all of the information onto one platform for access company wide, systems and processes are streamlined. Maintenance requirements are flagged immediately before a problem arises and leads to equipment being non operational. This overall decreases the room for error in manual processing of repairs and speeds up the repairs as the information is all accessible at the touch of a button. 

At WorkPal, our goal is to allow your organisation to be more efficient which aids in saving you money and ensuring that you are functioning at the optimal rate. Keep your projects running smooth and get the most out of your equipment and workforce with our market leading job management for construction software.