HVAC Software To Improve Your Workflow

by | Oct 12, 2021 | Blog, Business Insights

Excel Duct Cleaning is a company that has implemented WorkPal’s HVAC Software and the results are speaking for themselves.

“Before WorkPal’s workflow system was introduced to the business, we relied solely on paper-based reports and forms, which were collated manually before being sent to customers. “The company found this process to be extremely time-consuming and a drain on resources that were needed in other areas of the business.”

HVAC software is an essential tool for business owners and managers of HVAC companies, allowing unrivalled opportunities and growth. With the software, technicians are equipped to work efficiently and able to provide a higher level of customer service.

Access information anywhere, anytime

Real time information on the database is available anytime, anywhere, with or without an internet connection. Access to the information helps reduce the number of internal enquiries made, reducing the pressure on the team back in the office and again allowing them to work efficiently.


Goodbye Paper

Paper Job sheets, timesheets, vehicle checks and invoices are now a thing of the past thanks to WorkPal. Companies can transform their paper-based forms into digital versions. These digital forms are automatically synced to the office and stored through the streamlined, cloud-based solution. Not only that, but professional and accurate invoices can be sent directly to the customer as well as a copy to the office once an engineer gets job sign-off.


“Where we once had to go through various tasks to complete one job, we have been able to speed up our processes massively and 3cut out unnecessary work.”


Detailed Asset History


In any company, engineers are always working in different locations day in, day out and it can be a huge challenge without a software solution to help everyone communicate effectively. 


With WorkPal, things are different:

“The engineers had no access to previous reports. Time was being wasted finding the same faults on systems multiple times.”


Engineers can view an assets service history in its entirety and similar associated jobs. Understanding an assets history can be the difference of the problem being fixed or the equipment being replaced (with huge financial differences to the business). Knowing the associated costs in real time and checking its repair history can allow engineers on the ground to make informed decisions and give advice to customers on the spot.


WorkPal is changing the way HVAC companies do business and with big companies raving about HVAC software, it’s not hard to see why they are so rapidly growing and taking over the industry. 

For more information on WorkPal and how HVAC software can benefit your business, book a demo today. The team at WorkPal are available to contact for general enquiries through email at info@workpal.app or you can call them on 02890271777.