Simply Stairlifts Move to WorkPal’s Service and Maintenance Software

by | Jun 16, 2022

About Simply Stairlifts

Simply Stairlifts is a family-owned and run company, devoted to helping people with mobility problems feel free, independent and happy in their own homes.

The business was founded in 2017 by father and son team, Brian and Jack Pinchbeck and had grown steadily since its inception. Operating with a number of field engineers, Simply Stairlifts manages personnel all across the country.

What challenges did you face? Why did you feel the need for WorkPal in the first place?

We decided to make the move to service & maintenance software as we were using a lot of paperwork to manage our workload. Our goal was to become paper-free as we found filing paperwork very time-consuming.

All our invoicing and quotations had previously been typed or hand-written which caused a backlog due to the administration involved. We often had to do this in the evening which wasn’t an ideal situation.

How has WorkPal benefitted you since implementing the service and maintenance software?

We are now much more organised for our installation, service and maintenance jobs. All jobs completed on-site are now automatically invoiced once a customer signature has been collected and marked as complete. These invoices are then sent directly back to the customer for payment which significantly helps our cash flow.

The service and maintenance software also allows us to have a parts list meaning we can pre-enter all the materials we use for faster input on each job. This has saved us a great deal of time and effort and helps reduce errors when adding a long list of parts to a job.

How easy was WorkPal to implement into your business?

The help and support from the WorkPal team have made the transition much smoother and easier to manage. The hardest part for us was breaking our staff’s normal way of doing things and introducing a new piece of software which they had never used.

Implementing the service and maintenance software with WorkPal was made easy, with the team offering detailed training and ongoing support. The implementation team involved us in every part of the process and could answer any questions we had along the way.

Another major benefit is that the software is extremely user-friendly.

Do you think you were given enough training and support with WorkPal?

The training and support have been great. From the initial call with our Software Consultant, we understood the workings of it to ensure it was the right fit for our business. Once we made the decision to go ahead with the set-up we had plenty of thorough training sessions, going through each feature in detail.

We could then take this knowledge back to the team and begin rolling out the software across the business.

Would you recommend WorkPal to another company?

Most definitely, I would recommend it to anyone.


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