DH Drainage Implement WorkPal Software to Help Manage Its Drainage Maintenance Services

by | Jul 6, 2022

About DH Drainage

Independent drainage company, DH Drainage offers drainage maintenance services to its customers with 24/7 emergency call-out services. The business operates across Hertfordshire and North London servicing customers with blocked drains and carrying out essential repairs to guttering and downpipes.

With a robust team of servicing and repair engineers, DH Drainage made the decision to invest in drainage management software to manage the scheduling of its drainage maintenance services and jobs.

What challenges did you face? Why did you feel the need for this software in the first place?

DH Drainage was struggling to get job reports and invoicing completed. On top of this, the management of jobs was becoming increasingly more difficult as the team found it challenging trying to match drainage maintenance jobs to clients.

There was a lack of organisation with clients and service engineers and the need for a software solution was evident.

How has WorkPal benefitted you since you implemented the software?

“We are now able to manage our incoming jobs better, as well as our jobs in progress. The organisation of clients, invoicing and job reporting have become much less stressful for us. We can really see how the system streamlines daily operations.”

WorkPal integrates seamlessly into your business to ensure processes are followed and the tracking of jobs is made easier. All paperwork from jobs is completed and stored online which means data is synced back to the office in real-time.

How easy was WorkPal to implement into your business?

In terms of what we were using before, the WorkPal system is light years ahead. It took us a few weeks to really understand what each feature did but once we got the hang of it we realised how beneficial it was for our business, especially when dealing with multiple clients.

The WorkPal implementation team make it their job to fully understand your business processes and integrate the software as seamlessly as possible.

Do you think you were given enough training and support with WorkPal and is there enough support post-set-up?

The training and support we received right from the outset were great. The team are always on hand whenever we had a question about the system.

WorkPal is used by a number of businesses within the drainage industry and our team are experienced in managing any queries that come through. Our dedicated customer success department regularly contacts you to ensure the system is being used to its full potential for drainage maintenance services.

Would you recommend WorkPal to another company?

Yes, we would recommend WorkPal to another drainage maintenance business.