Balmore Group Implement Field Service Software for Asset Maintenance

by | May 20, 2022

About Balmore Group

Balmore Group (Scotland) is an industry leader in unmanned aviation inspections, providing full though life asset maintenance services from initial inspection, repair and specialist cleaning of high-value assets. Operating in various sectors including construction, rail, offshore and renewables.

The Balmore Group offers the expertise of over 40 years in particular high aspect/difficult access works, roofing, rope access, industrial cleaning and drone inspection services. Balmore offers groundbreaking cloud-based inspection software technology to allow clients to access asset inspection data anywhere in the world.

What challenges did you face that made you switch to WorkPal?

We were looking for preventative maintenance software for asset maintenance. A solution that would enable us to log all enquiries we had, quote for the job and if accepted, carry out the works. This allowed all costs to be put against one job and from there, we could work out our profit and loss on jobs. It gave us the information to improve how we operate and where we could streamline to save money and become more efficient.

How has WorkPal benefitted you since you implemented the software?

The system has benefited us greatly and we are able to schedule our work for operatives every week. They get assigned to a job on WorkPal and can upload descriptions of work carried out and any photos taken on-site.

WorkPal is designed to be user-friendly for everyone, including office staff who schedule and manage incoming job enquiries and the on-site engineers carrying out the work. Implementing field service software for asset maintenance means everyone is connected at all times, data is received in real-time and teams collaborate much more effectively.

How easy was WorkPal to implement into your business?

It was relatively easy. We had worked with a similar field service system before so once we tested WorkPal out and navigated the software we were able to pass this back to our colleagues and train them.

Since we have started using it, we have purchased more licences. Our operatives and office staff use it on a daily basis.

Do you think you were given enough training and support with WorkPal and is there enough support post-set-up?

Yes, we dealt with John at the start and had training over the phone. If we ever had a query and weren’t sure how to operate something, we were able to pick up the phone and speak to Cormac from the support team who is always very helpful.

Would you recommend WorkPal to another company?

Yes, we would recommend it to another company.


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