Fire and Security Management Software

Job Management Software for your Fire and Security business

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Fire and Security Management Software

Keep your mobile workers connected with fire and security management software.

Transform the way your mobile workers communicate with a business management software to manage and track jobs progress. The management software for field workers.

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Customers using our fire and security management software:

Benefits of Fire and Security Management Software:


Improves Efficiency

Streamline how you schedule and allocate jobs to field engineers. Real-time information from the mobile app is automatically synced back to the office.


Ensures Compliance

All data is stored securely on WorkPal and is easily accessible for auditing purposes including all historical information.


Better Service Delivery

Provides customers with up to date and accurate information on job progress, costs and projected completion. Clients can see all information attached to the job in real-time.


Enhances Communication

Office staff and field engineers have a better line of communication through WorkPal. Avoid using multiple platforms for internal communication.


Centralised Data

As a cloud-based solution, all data is stored in one centeralised location, giving staff the ability to access information from anywhere, at any time.


Saves Money

By reducing the amount of paperwork coming through your office and replacing manual data entry with digital processes, you can allocate your budget to more important areas of your business.

Key Features of Fire and Security Management Software:

Job Scheduling


Drag & Drop

Easy to assign, change and update any job


Job Status

Full overview of every job scheduled for work


Job Overview

Colour allocation to easily identify job status


Instant Allocation

Colour allocation to easily identify job status

Quotes & Invoicing



Integrate seamlessly with Quickbooks, Xero & Sage


Quotation to Invoice

Raise quotations through WorkPal and on acceptance raise a job with one click


Improve Cash Flow

On job completion WorkPal will raise an invoice based on pre-defined rate rules, schedule of rates and parts.


Asset Management



Identify assets, log faults and record materials used with asset scanning QR or bar codes.


See the movement and service history of all assets logged on the WorkPal system.


Run asset reports to identify continuously failing assets and reduce the risk of downtime.

Job Management Software

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