Plumbing and Heating Management Software: Smarter Scheduling

by | Feb 21, 2022 | Blog, Business Insights

One of the major successes within every business is trying to increase your return on investment (ROI) – which our job management software can accomplish for you. When you allocate funds to a certain section of your business, the end goal should be to receive more money compared to what you put in. Within the plumbing and heating industry, the smallest change to your business can have a great effect on your ability to compete with competitors. Making changes to your company’s infrastructure can lead to amazing overall results.


This can lead to an improvement in your team’s productivity and increase your profit margins. At WorkPal, we offer job management software that will provide many benefits for your business, including smarter scheduling and improved productivity.


Our job management software will allow your employees to stay in contact throughout their working days and help them to stay on top of their jobs. Through the WorkPal desktop app you will be able to reassign jobs when necessary, move jobs around and most importantly keep in touch with your workforce when they are out on the field. Investing in a job management software will help to increase job efficiency and could lead to repeat business from your customers.



The Benefits of Introducing Job Management Software to Your Plumbing and Heating Business


Improves Communication

When your operatives are out in the field, they will need to communicate information back to the office immediately. This is where plumbing job management software comes in handy. This allows your field workers to add notes to specific jobs, provide photo evidence or make a note of materials. This will allow all aspects of your business to interconnect and will help your operatives to increase their productivity when out on a job.


Time Management

The larger your plumbing business grows, the harder it will be to keep track of all the operatives who are out on jobs. If this is not monitored, it can cause major issues as itl becomes difficult to get an overview of the efficiency and quality of work from every member of your workforce.


Through a job management software your employees will be able to send you daily reports on the work they have completed and the progress they have made on the jobs they have been assigned. Updates or changes made on site, job progress and client signatures will all be synced back to the office in real-time. This will benefit both the management team and the client as they will be kept in the loop in how the jobs are coming along.


Manage Important Documentation

One of the most important reasons as to why you should invest in a job management software for your plumbing business, is to eliminate the need for physical paperwork. For companies who are reliant on paper documents, they are at a major risk of losing or damaging important documents. 


Through this software, employees can keep track of these documents digitally. This means that you can find exactly what you need in a few clicks. Through this software you will also be able to keep a digital backup, meaning that all of your clients important documents will be stored in the cloud in the event of audit requirements.


Easy To Use

Within the plumbing and heating industry, most of the work is carried out in the field. As a result of this, it is a good idea to invest in software that includes a mobile app. This will give your team the ability to record notes and access information when they are out on the road. Through this software the communication between your employees will improve and it will reduce the amount of physical transport that your employees will have to do.


Choosing to invest in a plumbing and heating job management software will offer a range of benefits for your business. Within the industry, not all plumbing and heating contractors are the same. Some members of your team will have years of experience compared to apprentices who are getting their first taste of a new career. Through the WorkPal job management software you can improve communication between your workforce and ensure that you are scheduling workloads that are suitable for the different members of your team. For more information on how our software can make a difference to your business and increase your employee’s productivity, get in touch with a member of our team today and  book a demo.