How to Ensure Compliance for Field Service Businesses

by | Aug 24, 2021 | Blog, E-Guides

Navigating compliance issues can be tricky for any business, more so for field service businesses. With multiple jobs per day and engineers working in different locations, collecting, storing and managing paperwork can be a challenge.

Depending on your industry, your business may have certain essential paperwork to remain compliant with particular legislation. For example, fire safety businesses need to carry out regular servicing of fire equipment, making sure it is in safe, working order for their customers.

Investing in a software solution can help ensure compliance for field service businesses. Here are some suggestions on how we can help:

  • All Your Data in One, Secure Location

With a cloud-based solution, any documents, paperwork, forms or certificates are stored within the system. This means that, if your business is being audited, you can access all the relevant information immediately. Not only are documents stored in the cloud, but they are also assigned to each job for easy location.

  • Storing Customer Signatures

When completing a job, service engineers are prompted to ask customers for a signature. This can be contactless with WorkPal latest contactless signature feature. Getting sign off from your customers helps your business remain compliant by providing the work has been accepted by the client.

  • Mandatory Form Completion

Certain forms are required to be completed by engineers before they enter sites for example risk assessments and method statements. These forms can be set as mandatory on the system, meaning engineers can only complete the job once these have been filled out. Mandatory forms ensure the correct processes are being followed by all employees.

  • Planned Maintenance

Regular servicing and planned preventative maintenance are important for particular industries. PAT Testing is a legal requirement to ensure electrical equipment is safe for use. Having the ability to plan when tests should be carried out means no jobs are forgotten about and you can schedule your engineers in for a time that suits best. Certificates are then stored on the system against this job should they need to be accessed in the future.

Software is a great way to manage jobs and ensure your business is operating safely. To find out how WorkPal can help maintain your businesses compliance, book a demo today.