5 Reasons to Choose Cloud-Based Field Service Software Over Spreadsheets

by | Apr 15, 2021 | Blog

While spreadsheets have been a way of business life since 1985, we’ve come a long way since then. Technology moves so fast these days and investing in the right technology can mean the difference between make or break for your business. Your competition is constantly looking for new ways to improve, save time and increase profits.

So why should you invest in robust, cloud-based field service software? Here’s why:

Centralised data

One of the biggest advantages of cloud-based field service software over spreadsheet working is centralised data. Whether you’re working from the office, your kitchen table or a factory shop floor, all information and data is stored in the cloud, meaning it’s accessible to anyone with permissions at any time and is 100% up to date. Things like service history, material lists, labour or images are all in one place.


Live updates with Cloud-Based Field Service Software

In the service industry, jobs come in thick and fast. A cloud-based field service software gives operators the ability to instantly create jobs and assign them to engineers. Updates are in real-time, meaning users are able to see which jobs have been assigned and which are still waiting to be allocated an engineer. Users can also view any changes made to jobs. No more viewing in read-only mode.


Collaborative Working

Having the ability to work together with real-time data means there is a reduced chance of duplication of work between employees. Users aren’t working off different versions and creating more work for the team. Everyone is in sync.


Job Notifications


An area where a software solution has a huge advantage is the ability to send notifications instantaneously to field engineers. When office users create and assign a job, engineers receive a notification to their mobile devices containing all the relevant information for that job, including tasks to complete, parts that are required, assets, service history and images. This means engineers can complete their jobs faster and more effectively.

Integrations Included in Cloud-Based Field Service Software

Spreadsheets are great for counting numbers. That’s not being disputed. However, that doesn’t make them a solid accountancy solution. Most cloud-based field service software’s such as WorkPal will have built-in integration to popular accountancy packages like Sage, Xero and Quickbooks. Simple, clean and accurate financing.

Hopefully, there is no doubt in your mind that cloud-based field service software is the way to go. For a service-led business, customer experience should be central. Investing in a software solution that improves how your customers experience and interact with your business is a no-brainer.