2022 Field Service Trends

by | Jan 4, 2022 | Blog, Business Insights

It’s a new year which means new goals, new ambitions and new trends for the field service industry. A lot has been learnt with the setback that came in 2020 and 2021 and businesses are now set to make the New Year one of growth and success.

So what’s new in 2022 field service trends and how can service businesses adopt this year to ensure they stand out from the crowd? We’ll look at a few trends that are looking to shake up the sector.

Less Face-To-Face Interactions

Something that is continuing into 2022 is the reduction of person-to-person contact. Although restrictions have relaxed significantly compared to the beginning of last year, remote working is still very much a part of the business world and heavily promoted in government guidelines.

For field service businesses, this means little or no contact from the client. Organisations now need to find new and creative ways to capture customer information and data while working remotely on-site.

Maintenance Will Become the New Norm

To save money and reduce overheads a move to improved maintenance rather than purchasing new equipment is being made. Organisations are now putting an emphasis on regular servicing of machinery to ensure operations run smoothly. This means more service jobs available for the field service sector.

Strategy Shift

After a few hard hitting years for the field service industry, businesses are shifting their strategy from survival to growth and this means winning more contracts and streamlining operations. However, the sector has become much more competitive and standing out from the competition has never been more important.

Contracts are won and lost on value added. That could be through additional knowledge or experience or it could be through increased visibility and control for the client.

Renewed focus on innovation and development

With fewer resources available and remote work arrangements accelerating across industry sectors, there is a renewed focus on innovation and development. The demand for hardware and software development in the service sector is high with a focus on collaborative software solutions to creative field service mobile apps, businesses that offer something new are the ones that are likely to thrive.

How can WorkPal help with 2022 field service trends?

As software designed specifically to make field service easier, WorkPal has a host of features that streamline operations, capture important data and create added value to help you win contracts.

The end-to-end solution starts with the initial job quotation through to client invoicing and everything in between. Capturing and updating data in real-time, providing detailed overviews of the job and streamlining how operatives work are all benefits that can help your business thrive in 2022. WorkPal allows you to:

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