4 Ways to Make Your Equipment Last Longer

by | Jan 19, 2022 | Blog

In life, there are many things that require care throughout their lifetime, your camera, your home and your car to name a few. The same is true for manufacturing equipment. If you are a business that operates in the manufacturing sector, then you will most likely have a fleet of equipment, equipment that requires time, effort and monitoring to ensure its health and efficiency.

If you are hoping to lower cost, extend the equipment life and boost the efficiency of your operation, then you need the help of WorkPal’s Job Management Software for equipment maintenance. Our software plays an essential role in the management of the maintenance and production equipment.

As with any business, especially in manufacturing, it is likely that you have made a huge investment in establishing your facility, so the logical process to follow is that now you manage maintaining that investment to the best of your ability. This can be a daunting task, so WorkPal has formulated a system that integrates seamlessly with your processes and works to boost your bottom line. 

The cloud based equipment maintenance software (EMS) records all business assets that are owned and managed and will send an alert to your operative’s device when there is maintenance work that needs to be carried out. The smart system will provide you with all of the details such as the parts and tasks that are associated with the repair.

A large investment has been made to establish your plant or facility, so it makes sense to effectively manage maintenance. Computerised maintenance management software (CMMS) records the assets your company owns and manages, alerts you when maintenance work needs to be performed on your assets, and provides you with information about spare parts, costs, and asset failures. 


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Below are four ways to extend equipment life with equipment maintenance software.


1. Manage spare parts

It is essential to ensure operating efficiency that you have spare parts to hand and log them into the equipment maintenance software to keep track of their location for a seamless fixing process. 


2. Inspect your assets on a regular basis

Not completely impossible, but usually, equipment doesn’t just completely stop working with absolutely no warning signs. Your appointed maintenance manager should inspect and work with the software to ensure that the equipment is looked after to the highest possible level. 

Equipment life will be extended if the equipment manager works closely with the EM software.


3. Create an effective maintenance plan

Your equipment life will be extended if there is a detailed plan in place of the equipment needs, the health and safety regulation and the training of staff, this information alongside the equipment software will allow seamless operations in your business and ensure you are boosting profits through efficient operations.

4. Preventive maintenance schedule

Having a weak preventive maintenance schedule in place allows room for a lot of issues that your business and equipment does not need. Develop a schedule on your software and when work is carried out, ensure that the preventative maintenance schedule reflects this work. 


Extend Equipment Life with Equipment Maintenance

WorkPal has Equipment Maintenance Software for large and small businesses, across a range of industries. 

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