WorkPal Quarterly Roundup

by | Apr 7, 2021 | Blog

We are shocked to see the first quarter of 2021 fly by so quickly and thought it was time to look back over what has been an incredible quarter for WorkPal. There have been so many highlights despite us still being in a full lockdown and we wanted to share with you some accomplishments and important moments for the team here at WorkPal.

Welcoming new team members to WorkPal

We have welcomed 6 new people to WorkPal over the last three months across customer support, implementation, sales and software development. Stephen Spence joined our sales team in Glasgow. Paul Grant joined as our new Implementation Consultant. Nick Watters came on board as our Customer Success Manager. Alex Lord, Adam Kane and Peter McCaughey joined our talented team of software developers taking us to a record number within that team!

To make every new team member feel especially welcome we launched our welcome packs! Every new person joining WorkPal will receive a box full of WorkPal goodies.

And we are not slowing down when it comes to recruitment! We have roles open across sales and software development so please do get in touch to hear more about our plans.

WorkPal like never before!

In January we were excited to reveal the fresh newly updated WorkPal brand. As our 10th-anniversary approaches, we felt it was high time to update both our logo and our website. Both were unveiled in January with great success. We worked closely with two of our trusted suppliers The Pierce Group and Gekko Digital who worked tirelessly with our marketing team to design and roll out the new website and WorkPal brand. The feedback we have received is fantastic and everyone in WorkPal now wears the logo proudly on their chest!

As part of this process, we re-evaluated our company culture to ensure the whole WorkPal team are working to the same mission, vision and values. Nick Watters has been pivotal in this process so shout out to him. We want everyone at WorkPal from sales, to software development, to Customer Support to be living our core company values. And we also have a goal to improve communication between teams.

New WorkPal features launched!   

Our software development team led by Warren Black have had an incredible three months. Not only have they been working to grow their team, but they have also been assisting with onboarding new clients and designing new features in the WorkPal platform. These new features have included Contactless Signature Capture designed to help keep our customers safe, reducing the risk of spreading the virus and providing a very easy to use solution for our customers! We also have started rolling out ‘Self-Managed Preferences’- this feature enables our customers to configure their own platform themselves- creating their own unique workflows, choosing the features that best suit them and a whole lot more. This feature is a complete game-changer for WorkPal.

We launched a brand new integration with Sage One which has been utilised by a vast number of clients already. To top it off we have launched the ability for our customers to manage multiple VAT rates including reverse VAT. This has been greatly received by all customers and it is a seriously important feature development for many. Our roadmap for WorkPal is so exciting and with our growing team of developers, the sky is the limit! New feature developments are one of the biggest benefits for our customers, they receive all the benefit of new feature development at no additional cost!

Winning New Business

Another record-breaking quarter for the WorkPal team we have welcomed over 50 companies to WorkPal which is absolutely astounding! To compare in 2015 we welcomed 1/3 of that figure in the whole year. The quality of companies is also higher than ever. Some very exciting companies have adopted WorkPal including Electro Automation, Momentum Support, BLK BOX Fitness, Spectrum Engineering, Evolution Healthcare to name a few.

Our performance this quarter is a testament to the hard work of the team, across every part of the business. Sales, marketing, customer support and software development! The teamwork has been outstanding.

WorkPal Customer Success

This quarter we have set in motion our new Customer Success plan to ensure every WorkPal customer has both effective on-boarding and ongoing success with the WorkPal platform. Nick Watters and Paul Grant have both been pivotal in setting this up and rolling it out to our customers. Quarterly Business Reviews now take place with every single customer. This is a session to review how each customer is utilising WorkPal and we offer training and best practice advice on how to squeeze every last drop of benefit from the WorkPal platform. We also introduce new features and we listen to our customers to hear what they want to see next. A huge emphasis is now placed on listening to our customers and giving them a voice. We then feed everything back through the business to ensure their voice is heard.

We’d like to give a big shout out to Paul Grant on his Implementation Project Plan rollout. He has worked hard to design the best possible structure for each and every new client when they are on board with WorkPal. With Paul’s plan, implementations will be much more structured and will set new customers up in the most effective and efficient way leading to happier customers. With our numbers growing at a much faster rate we felt it was very important to put these steps and structure in place.

Exciting times here at WorkPal and we will ensure to share a review each quarter to update everyone on our progress. Thank you to all our suppliers, customers and each WorkPal team member.