4 Reasons Your Small Business Needs Field Service Management Software

by | Mar 27, 2021 | Blog

Many small businesses are in need of field service management software. With employees often operating a paper-based system, your small business could be spending unnecessary money. Switching to a field service management software will streamline your process and save you money. Here’s how WorkPal’s field service management software for small businesses could benefit your bottom line:



You get a request from a client for a job they would like you to price. Great! You’ve done something like this before, easy enough to get a quote together. Where is your previous cost history? In a file, in a cabinet, in another office. How much time is wasted rummaging through piles of paperwork?

Effective business intelligence is a vital part of any organisation. Our WorkPal users have the ability to stay on top of budgets and financial planning by maintaining a real-time cost history against individual assets and monitoring performance against KPIs. Don’t waste time and money searching for information that should be readily available to you and your teams.


You complete a job, the client is happy and they sign off that everything is to their satisfaction. 2 months pass and actually, they’ve changed their mind about something. Where is that piece of paper they signed to say they had approved the work? More than likely in someone’s bottom drawer under 2 years of meeting notes.

WorkPal’s data capture element allows users to capture and store forms, images, expense receipts, signatures and more so a complete audit trail is always available. Everything is hosted online allowing anyone to access information at any time. Without this, you could be liable to either fix the issue the client has at your businesses expense or your client could refuse to pay. This could have a major impact on your cash flow depending on the size/cost of the job in question.


How often have you forgotten to invoice a job or paperwork has gotten lost and an invoice is never raised? Is your account team still manually raising and posting invoices? All this paperwork is very likely to go missing and the repercussions could lead to late payments or worse – no payment.

With WorkPal, users can immediately capture all costs associated with a job and integrate seamlessly with QuickBooks Online, Xero and Sage. Our field service management software for small businesses calculates hourly rates, materials used and service costs on a client-by-client basis and relays this information to the back office for an invoice to be generated and posted to the client.


Building reports can be a time-consuming process especially if you are doing it manually. Mistakes and inaccuracies often occur when collecting important information when operating a paper-based system and data are often out of date by the time it has been collated. This can lead to bad business decisions being made which could cost the company money.

WorkPal is an enormously powerful reporting tool, delivering vital insights to all your KPIs. Its flexible nature allows you to combine and cross-reference information from many sources. In fact, whatever data your system holds, WorkPal can report on it and deliver timely, accurate information with real-time data.

This high level of reporting allows you to make better-informed business decisions that will lead to reduced costs and a more streamlined process.