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FCS Ditch the Paper for WorkPal’s Job Management Solution

FCS Ditch the Paper for WorkPal’s Job Management Solution


Specialising in electrical safety and compliance services, Facilities Compliance Services (FCS) is a principle led business, working to provide clients and partners with quality, integrity and value.

Formed in October 2017, FCS has seen significant growth, winning multiple contracts and working with some of Northern Ireland’s biggest and brightest companies to ensure electrical safety.

FCS aim is to educate and inform its clients enabling them to make informed business decisions based on facts and statistics.

Looking to the future, FCS Services want to establish themselves as the go-to company in Ireland for electrical inspection and testing services, building lasting relationships with companies who value its services and understand the importance of electrical safety.

The company are also actively looking at expanding its services to include installation works and a non-invasive regime of inspections to ensure the safety of vital equipment which cannot be isolated.


FCS manage multiple jobs and clients all across the country. Having several field engineers across various sites can prove challenging when utilising a paper-based system rather than a job management solution.

John Lorimer, Compliance Director at FCS says “As our business has grown the number of new clients and individual jobs increased significantly. We always knew that spreadsheets and paper were an old and tired way of doing things, yet they served a purpose to get us up and running. Having multiple clients, multiple engineers and multiple jobs to track was always going to be a challenge.”



Implementing WorkPal has several benefits for FCS. The job management solution enables users to create an entire workflow with full visibility throughout the process.

From logging a quotation and transforming this into a live job, to assigning engineers, storing customer signatures and invoicing. Every part of the workflow process is logged and stored through WorkPal, allowing users to retrieve and consult previous job information, streamlining future operations.

“The whole system saves so much time and additional administration for the business.”

Creating and managing jobs all under one system is a major benefit to FCS. WorkPal integrates with other accountancy software’s including Xero, Quickbooks and Sage to provide users with a seamless experience from start to finish.

WorkPal’s mobile app facility means engineers can log and store images and important information including material lists via WorkPal. “Without the app, this information would not make it back to us in a timely fashion.”

Customer signatures and sign-offs are an essential part of job completion for any business. Recording sign-offs not only protects your business but also prevents engineers from having to return to the job multiple times once completed as the client must check and verify they are happy with all work that has been completed.

“There can be no ambiguity when invoices are sent as records are there forever to clarify.”



“WorkPal has given us a platform for growth. Taking on multi-site clients can be daunting due to the volume of paperwork, administration and filing involved. WorkPal makes this all so easy.”

The client login feature of WorkPal was something that FCS could not previously support. This feature gives FCS clients the ability to login into jobs that are relevant to them and view all associated data. The increased level of transparency WorkPal’s job management solution gives between FCS, its clients and engineers is a “great bonus”.



“Yes, certainly we would recommend WorkPal to any business ready to improve their systems all around.”



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Illustration by: Ashleigh Black