5 Ways Live Job Scheduling Increases Revenue for Tradesmen

by | Mar 18, 2021 | Blog

Whether you are a small business with 3 tradesmen or a large organisation with hundreds, live job scheduling is essential when you have a mobile workforce to manage. An out-dated, paper system will be losing you money due to the lack of organisation and time wasted getting information out of the office.

Here’s how your business revenue could improve with live job scheduling:

Back Office are Organised and Aligned

To ensure optimum efficiency, staff need to be organised and aligned with each other. Duplication and missed paperwork are only some of the reason a scheduling software solution is essential to your business operations. Live job scheduling allows users to see real-time updates on incoming jobs, if they have been assigned to an engineer and what stage they are at, meaning your back can work more effectively together.


Instant Job Notifications For Tradesmen

Once your service engineer has been assigned a job, they will receive a notification about the new job. All details are available on their mobile app including tasks to complete, forms and any other relevant information. This means more time spent on the job rather than travelling to and from the office. Your engineers will be able to complete more jobs per day, improve your efficiency and increase your business review.


Batch Job Scheduling for Tradesmen

The ability to schedule large amounts of jobs at one time means your team aren’t wasting time individually and manually scheduling each incoming job. This allows your engineers to get the job faster and your back office can process jobs quicker.


Instant Job Scheduling for Tradesmen

With live job scheduling, tradesmen become more punctual. This creates excellent relationships as your customers’ expectations are exceeded. Retaining existing customers is much easier than finding new ones and repeat business through great customer experiences will significantly increase your business revenue.


No Stationary Overheads

Moving to a completely paperless system means no more stationary costs. In the 1st quarter of 2020, consumers spent £905,000,000 on stationery and drawing materials (statista). Businesses are wasting huge amounts of money on items that would be non-essential if they moved to a paperless system.

Don’t get left in the past. Make a digital software solution your competitive advantage. Save time, money and impress your customers with prompt, accurate and professional service.

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