Service And Maintenance Software

by | Oct 8, 2021 | Blog, Business Insights

A company that is changing the lives of engineers and office staff alike is the innovative and industry dominating WorkPal with its outstanding service and maintenance software.

Boosting efficiency, processes and productivity through its streamlined and cloud-based software, is enabling businesses to do more.


WorkPal’s service and maintenance software is bridging the communication gap between engineers, office staff and customers. 


Premier Property Group, who have implemented our cloud-based system highlighted:

“The business has been able to operate much more efficiently since implementing WorkPal’s cloud-based system. No job is missed or forgotten about.”

The Premier Property Group has engineers working all over the country, spending a large amount of time keeping track of jobs. “The team was using multiple platforms to manage active jobs.” Having a team of people working off different platforms can cause repeated admin errors and syncing issues.



Benefits of Service and Maintenance Software


Improved Workplace Efficiency

Efficiency is the overall goal of any business; to have the ability to accomplish more in the day. There is the constant ‘I wish there were more hours in the day’ murmured in the business world, sometimes there is just not enough. WorkPal created its service and maintenance software with this in mind – giving the gift of time back to those who have implemented it.

Generating more revenue through the streamlining of scheduling and allocating jobs, this service and maintenance software is changing the way that companies are conducting their business as a whole.


Ensures Compliance

Paperwork, job lines and the dreaded end of year audits are no more with the capabilities of this outstanding software. With real-time information and its cloud-based storage, not only is all of the information collected and conveniently stored automatically, but it is available to those with logins to access anywhere in the world, allowing teams in different countries to be connected and work together like never before.


Better Service & Communication

Not only are the teams connected better through internal communications, but also the customer, with real-time updates available. The customer service and overall function of your business will be met with the endless benefits that this software provides. Even better, you don’t have to take this at face value, WorkPal offers a free demo of its software, which, alongside the raving reviews, are sure to be a good sign of the service and maintenance software capabilities.

Saves Money

“WorkPal keeps everything up to date in real-time,” with the paperwork taken care of, the internal communications streamlined and real time access by everyone with logins, time is a gift that WorkPal promises when its service and maintenance software is part of your everyday work life. With the time that you save, the efficiency of the reporting system and historical data, the savings that can be made are almost instantaneous – seeing the high cost areas that are continuously failing and causing problems.


With WorkPal, all your relevant job information is stored in one, centralised place. Users can have access to live job list information when in the office and out on site instantly. The benefit of using a cloud-based system means data is backed up and stored online and is available at any time.

For more information on our software and how our service and maintenance software can benefit your business, book a free demo with us today. Our team at WorkPal is available to contact for general enquiries through email at or you can call them on 02890271777.