Job Management Software: Changing How You Do Business

by | Oct 19, 2021 | Blog, Business Insights

Job Management Software 

Work Like Never Before

If you’re still operating a paper-based system then you are holding your business back from running at its optimal capacity. A paper-based system is extremely time consuming and creates a lot of issues in regards to storing information. In order to grow and keep up with demand, it’s time to make the switch to a job management software like WorkPal. 


What is WorkPal?

WorkPal is a cloud-based field service management software that allows online, offline and remote working. It is designed to bring your field service operations into the digital era helping you drive efficiencies while saving your business money. 

From job scheduling to invoicing and reporting, WorkPal is the complete package that helps bring your business an end-to-end workforce management solution that streamlines every aspect of your business operations. WorkPal enables all your important information to be stored in the cloud with instant access for all your employees no matter where they are, making mobile working seamless. 


Benefits of WorkPal

  • Improves Efficiency 

Streamlines how your business schedules and allocates jobs to field engineers. Information is synced from the mobile app back to the office automatically, in real-time. 


  • Ensures Compliance 

All your data is securely stored on WorkPal and is easily accessible for auditing purposes, including all historical information. 


  • Better Service Delivery 

Provides customers with accurate, up-to-date information on job progress, costs and projected completion. Clients can see all information attached to the job in real-time. 


  • Enhances Communication 

Create clear and open lines of communication between your office staff and field engineers by incorporating all platforms into one solid software. 


  • Centralised Data 

A cloud-based solution that stores data in one centralised location. This gives staff the ability to access information from any location, at any time.


  • Saves Money 

Making the switch to WorkPal today will reduce the amount of paperwork coming through your office and replace manual data entry with digital processes. This enables you to allocate your budget to more important areas of your business. 


Features of WorkPal

  • Live Job Scheduling 

Built-in scheduling tool that allows you to see the daily tasks assigned to each engineer at a glance. This, combined with the drag and drop technology facilitates the effective and efficient management of your mobile workforce.


  • Invoices / Quotes 

Staying on top of your budgets and financial planning has never been easier with WorkPal. Thanks to its real-time cost history and performance KPI monitoring forms. 


  • Asset Management 

Maintain, track and service assets with Work Pal’s QR asset management scanning. Helping to give you a clear overview of your business. 


  • Reporting 

Reporting made easier with it’s built-in custom report software. So whether it’s timesheets, jobs, client data or anything else, you can collate this information together to fulfil requirements. 


  • Portal Access 

Built-in client portal feature gives your customers the ability to access and view what you want them to see. This ability is a great advantage during the tender process and allows for a more transparent and thorough customer service experience. 


  • Tracking 

Help’s raise the visibility of your fleet and drivers. Meaning, you can achieve the best output from each asset and resource and reduce operational costs. This saves valuable time, gets mobile staff to their jobs quicker and improves customer service.


  • Tasks & Parts 

Not only does WorkPal help log all your tasks in one place but it also allows you to break the job down into simple aspects which need to be completed. This facilitates easy management and tracking of jobs due to the live feedback, being able to see tasks which the field worker has completed and yet to complete.

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