Why Having an In-House Software Development Team is Awesome

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Why Having an In-House Software Development Team is Awesome

One of the things that makes WorkPal different than other Workflow Management Software companies is that we have an excellent in-house software development team who spend every day working together on our solution for our customers. This is no accident. We believe an in-house team is vital for developing our long term vision. A quality solution for the individual customer needs that could not be achieved through outsourcing, whitelabelling, or repackaging another product.

During 2018 we have been nominated for a number of innovation category awards. And this, in part, is down to our disruptive innovation philosophy stemming internally from a software development team. An aligned vision, with very high company standards, and an intuitive knowledge of the needs of our customers.


1. Long-term product development

When you need to develop a product or a solution which will require a long-term commitment, then it’s better to build the team of developers in-house. They can be fully committed to this product, know it inside out, and easily and quickly make changes or fixes when needed.


2. Aligned interests

If a company is thriving, all employees have aligned interests, fit the company culture and share the same vision. It means that they will give their best to meet the company’s goals. This kind of commitment is extremely difficult to attain with outsourcing and freelancers who are not fully involved in your business.

In-house developers will typically have a more aligned interest with their employer.


3. Flexibility & Future Proofing

Any software solution needs to have the flexibility to adapt and change according to the needs of the market. This can be as big as long term strategies changing with Government regulations or law adaptations.  Or as small as bug fixes on day to day activities. An in-house software development team means you are fully equipped to take on the future.


4. Shorter turnaround time

Developing a product in-house enables you to monitor all the steps in the process. If something goes wrong, you can spot it immediately. Turnaround time in fixing the problem is much shorter than it would be in the case of outsourcing.


5. Alignment with the company standards

Control over the company’s coding standards is crucial for the future life of the product. With the in-house software development you can decide what’s best for the future maintenance processes of the product.


The perceived cons to building an in-house software development team are mainly seen in terms of initial financial outlay. Finding the right people and training for WorkPal can be expensive. But we wholeheartedly believe that not to invest in ourselves and our product would be far more costly to our company and our philosophy than any initial outlay. We will never compromise on quality.


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WorkPal nominated for Technology Provider of the Year at British Small Business Awards