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by | May 20, 2022 | Blog

How to Manage Your Orders with Ease

Discover why Workpal’s window cleaning software is the best job management software. In this article, we will discuss how Workpal can raise your company revenue, build productive workflows and impress your customers. Get a clean start and blow your competition out of the water. 


By having a job management software, you get the best view of your business and have the ability to manage your team off-site. Workpal will handle all aspects of your window cleaning business, think of it as an extension of your role. From workflow scheduling to seamless team communication, you will be able to have more control with our window cleaning management software.


With Your Workpal, you have a more connected workforce where processes, profitability and workflows are in one modernised place. By working like never before, Workpal allows you to work faster, smarter and more efficiently through our mobile working. We have multiple types of features to elevate your business:


  • Live Job Scheduling 

Our scheduling tool allows you to see at a glance daily tasks assigned to each employee. With our drag and drop technology, you are able to review, assign and dispatch jobs to your mobile workforce. You will be able to track your assignments and see the status of your jobs. 

  • Tasks and Parts

Tasks will be available to each employee’s mobile app. Your workforce will be able to see information about each task, making it easy for reference. This reduces your overall admin time, giving you more flexibility towards other tasks.

  • Tracking

With GPS and vehicle tracking, you can keep track of your window cleaning employees so that you can optimise workforce performance. By having visibility on your workforce, you can get staff to assigned jobs quicker and improve customer service. 

  • Portal Access

The client portal feature on Workpal allows your customers to see what you see. They can log jobs online, jobs in progress and access the tasks completed on site. This puts your customers first and giving better customer service means a return on investment.

  • Reporting

With any job management software, reporting is a vital aspect for business success. With our reporting feature, you will be able to not only view employee performance, but an overall analysis of your business. From timesheets, to client data, by having this information in a centralised place, you will be able to have more information organisation.

Why Should You Choose Workpal?

With Workpal, your business game is transformed. We improve your efficiency, ensure compliance, have better service delivery, improve communication, organise data and most importantly, save your money.

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