3 Reasons to Invest in Job Management Software for Electricians

by | May 14, 2021 | Blog

Whether you are operating a small fleet of electricians or a large electrical contractor organisation, investing in job management software can significantly help your business. Software and technology are often overlooked or put off until something happens, i.e. a piece of important paperwork goes missing before businesses will look to invest in something more practical and robust.

Improving and adapting how your business operates is essential to managing the constantly changing work environment. Organisations should embrace technology and look to move both their employees and processes forward. So why invest in job management software?


Competitive advantage

Winning jobs over your competitors are not only extremely satisfying but also necessary if you are to stay in business. The working landscape for electricians has become increasingly more competitive as tradesmen seek to open their open businesses. This means staying ahead of the competition is essential. Investing in a software solution has many benefits including giving you an edge over other electrical businesses.

This can be through a number of reasons including providing a digital paper trail for audits, increasing productivity or saving money.


Easier Job Competition

Job management software creates a workflow that is easy to manage and maintain. Jobs are created and scheduled in real-time to electricians with all the relevant information needed to complete the job including tasks, parts and service history (if applicable). Electricians are assigned the job remotely, therefore, reducing travel time and fuel, to and from the office. This means jobs are completed faster and more accurately and invoices can be generated automatically and sent to the client for payment.


Customer Service

A software solution will help improve your customer service delivery in a number of ways. Once a job has been requested, your closest electrician can be assigned the job, giving your client a faster response time. Having all the job information in a centralised place means electricians have a faster turnaround time. Once completed, WorkPal allows electricians to capture client signatures from a distance with QR scanning, keeping everyone safe.


If you would like to see how job management software for electricians can benefit your business, get in touch with our team to see a demo.