Rise 2 Shine Use WorkPal to Manage A Remote Workforce

by | Jul 5, 2021

About Rise 2 Shine

Rise2Shine is a refrigeration services provider which offers innovative services to refrigeration companies throughout the UK and Ireland assisting them on planned and reactive PPM maintenance programs, specialising in refrigeration cabinet maintenance cleans.

What was Rise 2 Shine’s Job Management Issues before WorkPal?

“With the majority of our workforce based remotely and our field engineers working in every corner of the UK and Ireland, it was a nightmare for us to try and manage our workflow using the traditional paper job packs, spreadsheets and emails. Moving to WorkPal not only allowed us to manage our remote workforce better but also gave our clients much needed added value and confidence that we had the capabilities to manage their contracts to the professional level that they required.”

Benefits of WorkPal for Rise 2 Shine?

“WorkPal has not only allowed us to manage our workforce remotely, but it also allows us to deliver a better service to all our clients and streamline our business needs.” A key feature of WorkPal is the ability to set up client portals. These portals enable your customers to view job progress, quotes and invoices in real-time. Giving customers complete transparency of the jobs will significantly increase your service levels and customer satisfaction.

“WorkPal has also increased our productivity both in the field and in the office between our admins, managers, and engineers. We no longer have the issues of lost paperwork and now receive all our information back from the field to the office in real-time.” Hosted in the cloud, all data stored within WorkPal is accessible from any location at any time. Real-time syncing means information is accurate and up to date for better decision making.

“The invoicing feature and its compatibility of integrating with sage have helped us greatly with making sure jobs are invoiced on time and have all the required documentation in one location to be sent directly to the client upon job completion.”

Creating custom and accurate reporting will aid in continued business growth. Management has the ability to make informed decisions based on key performance indicators. “The reporting aspect of WorkPal is one of the biggest assets to us. We can now give not only our customers, but our directors detailed KPI and financial reporting instantly which previously took hours to pull together.”

How did WorkPal Enhance Business Capabilities?

“WorkPal has allowed us to grow at an exponential rate. It has allowed us to custom build a system that is specific to the needs of our industry. Without WorkPal and its capabilities to allow us to manage a remote workforce and our contracts, we simply could not have grown the business the way have over the last 5/6 years to become a market leader in our industry.”

Would You Recommend WorkPal?

“Absolutely. Not only has Ian and his team grasped and totally understood our business, they understood how WorkPal needs to work for us, and share a vision for the future which complements our own. Some of the new features that are forthcoming will only enhance and improve our business further and that of our clients.”

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