Catering Equipment Services Use Field Service Software to Manage Jobs

by | Jul 2, 2021

About Catering Equipment Services Ltd

Catering Equipment Services (CES) Limited is a market leader in commercial cooking, refrigeration, food preparation and warewashing equipment.  With over 40 years’ experience in the sale and service of commercial catering equipment throughout Northern Ireland, it has an unrivalled understanding of the demands of the modern commercial kitchen environment.

Its range of services includes the supply of commercial catering equipment from all leading brands, supported by a comprehensive servicing and maintenance programme delivered by its experienced team of field-based Service Engineers.

Why did you feel the need for this software in the first place?

“As our business has steadily grown over the past 5 years, we found the existing paper-based operating system becoming increasingly cumbersome in terms of both time and cost effectiveness. In short, a job could not progress to parts ordering or invoicing, until our Service Engineers handed in their completed Service Reports to the Customer Services team.

“The modern business world is moving rapidly towards a just-in-time way of working and CES needed to evolve in order to continue to meet customers’ expectations.  WorkPal presented the ideal field service software to manage jobs.”

How has WorkPal benefitted you since you implementing the software?

“There are lots of ways WorkPal has benefitted the business, however, the biggest benefit is an improvement in efficiency.  Our Customer Services Helpdesk now operates in real-time with our Service Engineering team in terms of instant syncing of job updates and any responses or follow-up actions required. ”

Being a cloud-based solution, WorkPal handles data in real-time, automatically syncing job information from field-based engineers back to the office and vice versa. Instant access to accurate information helps ensure an effective workflow for everyone in the business.

“By introducing WorkPal, as a field service software to manage jobs, to our business operating model we have removed the inefficiency of the old paper-based system, caused by the hiatus between our Service Engineers completing a job and physically handing the completed Service Report over to our Customer Services Helpdesk.”

How did WorkPal Enhance Business Capabilities?

Almost every aspect of our business capabilities and performance has been enhanced by WorkPal. Some examples of areas where we have improved are:

  • Internal and external communication
  • More professional customer-facing Service Reports
  • Easy access to PDF documents
  • Technical diagrams on the app
  • Embedded photographs to chart and confirm the work undertaken
  • Comprehensive job history per customer site
  • Built-in compulsory daily vehicle health checks and site specific risk assessments
  • Faster invoicing following job completion

WorkPal has allowed CES to be more competitive in the marketplace by raising its standards of professionalism and creating more efficient processes.

Would you recommend WorkPal, as a field service software to manage jobs, to another company?

“CES can confidently recommend WorkPal to other businesses operating with field-based teams who are contemplating moving to a paperless workflow environment.

“A word of advice would be to spend the time with the WorkPal implementation team to ensure the system properly meets your operational requirements.  One of the big advantages of WorkPal is its reconfigurability – with time suitably invested during the implementation stage, Workpal should be able to capture 90% of your existing business processes.  The remaining 10% is simply down to being open-minded and adaptable to the overall positive changes that WorkPal will present to your business.”


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