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In this blog post we are going to explore the common misconceptions around attaining greater capacity to meet greater demand. And how mobile workflow management provides an alternative means of achieving that. Work smarter, not harder.




From our experience within a variety of industries, most businesses perform under the assumption that to meet greater demand or increase capacity, the only solution must be hiring more employees. More employees equals more work completed, right?

But for many businesses, the additional cost of employment isn’t realistic. Business are forced to make sacrifices in the form inefficiency, delays, and internal maintenance to try and meet the increased demand. And for those who can afford to hire new employees, and are experiencing rapid growth, they are at risk of patching over the inefficient processes were additional capacity is possible. As demand continues to increase, this can result in the same recurring problems. Employee overheads can quickly spiral out of control.

When analysing this problem WorkPal explored the outcome of hiring additional staff, hypothetically if you require 10 additional staff, working an average salary of £17,500 per annum, this will ultimately cost: £14,600 per month. During a time of high demand versus budget restrictions, this is a large commitment, even before the cost of training, pensions and required equipment.




The first step in creating a solution is acquiring an understanding of the opportunity in front of you. In order to achieve disruptive innovation in the market you must first challenge the traditional assumptions of the sector, and then provide a quantifiable, efficiency focused alternative.

This is where our software solution for mobile workflow management materialised. We thought about the dormant potential in our client’s existing mobile workflow. What if our clients, with just 10% greater efficiency per mobile worker, could achieve the same outcomes? What if we could create a future-proof solution for our clients through sustained demand increase? Our client’s existing workforce could take on additional jobs per day, providing comparable outcomes to hiring new staff.

Attaining increased capacity in our mobile workflow is possible by assessing the processes that currently take place. Our WorkPal solution future-proofs your internal processes by analysing areas such as travel, administration and scheduling. All of which can cause our customers delays, wasted money, and maintenance inefficiency that could be otherwise be spent providing valuable services to their customers.





By using a mobile workflow management solution, businesses can remove the lengthy paper focused processes. The WorkPal solution integrates seamlessly with our clients’ internal systems and documentation, so all of their paper forms are reproduced online. All data captured by the app automatically syncs back to the desktop at head office. Imagine – no more lost paperwork.

“We’ve been able to get rid of four cabinets full of asset registers and now we’re operating a paperless system.” – Dermot McLarnon, DB McLarnon Fire Protection Agency


You can eliminate wasted travel, miscommunications and inefficient routes by utilising mobile workflow management. Our software solution offers our clients the ability to provide mobile workers the right information at the right location at the right time. WorkPal keeps our clients mobile teams focused on their immediate priorities and gives them full access to their work schedule, job briefs, all necessary documentation and real time integration with back-office systems. It even allows mobile workers to work seamlessly, whether they have a network connection or not. Information automatically syncs back to the server when they come back into network coverage. Our GPS Location Tracking provides a current and full history of a mobile worker’s location based information.

“WorkPal has enabled us to increase profitability by reducing admin staff costs and better management of site time. We’re now more efficient in our business processes, helping us take on more work from our clients.” – Ben NobleReact Ireland


Job Management is vital to ensuring your mobile workers are working as efficiently as possible. The right workflow management solution can guarantee total visibility of the day. Tracking a job’s progress, seeing all completed tasks, notes, parts and signatures. WorkPal’s client portals ensure transparency into job creations, scheduling and custom reporting. This safeguards clients against conflicts, upcoming site issues and ineffective data capture.

“The mobile workflow management system has without a doubt improved our workflows and cut admin time. We have far more visibility over the sites and are now able to concentrate on improving further.” ­– John Thompson, HarperCollins





Our in house software development team has created the mobile technology to enhance productivity, reduce paper and process documentation efficiently. We have demonstrated mobile workflow management with our clients and showed clear, tangible savings in efficiency, cost and time. But don’t take our word for it, see our client’s results in their own words on our case study page.

The first step to meeting your increased demand is requesting a free WorkPal demo. And we can immediately begin adding value to your business.