HVAC Job Management Software

by | Mar 4, 2022 | Blog

The HVAC industry has been booming in recent years. As the number of employees and demand for HVAC services and engineers are on the rise, it can be difficult to manage the workload and client requests. One of the biggest concerns for many business owners is how they can grow their revenue. WorkPal has created a list on how job management software can help your HVAC business boost profits with our HVAC job management software.


Job Management

Our HVAC job management software allows you to assign jobs to your employees quickly and easily based on their location, experience and availability. If some of your employees are struggling with their workload or their jobs are taking longer than expected, you can reassign this work to other employees and supply them with the additional information necessary.


Customer Management

When you have a large client base it can be difficult to keep on top of incoming jobs and progress status. Through our software you can see a complete live jobs list, each job’s status and who is assigned to the job. By expanding an individual job, you can view information such as quotes, invoices, signatures and work history. Employees can also keep note of equipment used to complete the job, making recurring work easier and faster to complete. As this information is stored in the one place your employees will be able to provide your customers with any details about the job. Similarly client portals allow customers to login into the system and view all related documents.


Go Paperless

When you are dealing with a range of customer and employee documents you will have a lot of important paperwork that is at a risk of becoming damaged or misplaced. Through our software you can now go paperless and keep all of your documents online. Should your business have paper-based forms they wish to integrate into the WorkPal system, our development team can create digital versions to be imported and you can begin collecting data via the app.


Connect Your Workforce

When your workforce of technicians are out on the field it can be difficult for them to keep in touch with each other or get in contact with back office staff when they need information on current or upcoming jobs. Through our software you will be able to connect everyone from the field technicians to the office staff. This will help them to keep track of their schedules, important changes to their working days, and have access to invoices and other important paperwork without having to travel back to the main office. 


Boosts Your Profits With HVAC Job Management Software

One of the most important parts of completing a job is collecting payment from customers. At WorkPal when a job is marked as complete on the mobile app, this information is sent in real-time back to the office where an invoice is automatically generated. This automation means invoices are not missed and your business receives payment for services faster.

At WorkPal we understand how important productivity and building profit is to any business. Through our HVAC job management software you will be able to monitor your workforce and active jobs without added stress or worry about outstanding bills. For more information on how WorkPal can make a difference to your business, watch our demo today.