Implementing Field Service Software for Terrier Pest Control

by | Jul 28, 2021

About Terrier Pest Control

Specialising in commercial and domestic pest control services, Terrier Pest Control covers all aspects of pest management. The company has accreditations from BPCA, CEPA, Basis Prompt, NPTA and Wildlife Aware, giving it certifications of the highest standard. With regular auditing, the business is continually improving its workforce skills in order to stay ahead of the competition.

Previous Issues with Field Service Job Management

Terrier Pest Control had been using a heavily paper-based system for some time that had created numerous issues, “from handling paperwork to filing and everything in between.”

After experiencing steady growth, the business decided it was time to “jump into the 21st century” and began researching which field service software would suit its processes. “We wanted to work better, not harder. We had also invested in GPS tracking systems for our vehicles and wanted a new system to promote our new, modernised way of working.”

Benefits of Investing in a Field Service Software

By operating with field service software, information is updated and stored in one place. Information is accurate and accessible from anywhere at any time as job information is automatically synced back to the office. “Technicians have full visibility of job information from their tablets and communication has improved between departments.”

With a customisable home screen, the software is straightforward and user-friendly. The drag and drop scheduling feature makes assigning jobs to field engineers much more efficient. “The system itself is very user-friendly with limited room for error. It provides professional  reports to send onto our clients with real-time data stamping and signatures.”

Additional features such as vehicle checks and scheduling call-outs save time for general management.

 Enhanced Capabilities 

By investing in field service management software, your business can ensure that it remains compliant with a logged paperwork trail, all stored online. “Everything needed for our clients’ regular audits, from BRC to Red tractor, is easily stored within the client’s account and accessible for us at any time. It has enhanced our customer experience as all reports and forms can be emailed straight to our customers.”

Improving customer experience is key to retaining important business. A software solution allows you to manage your processes much more effectively, from faster response times to detailed job reports and accurate invoicing. Exceeding expectations will lead to brand loyalty and repeat business in the future.


“We would most definitely recommend WorkPal. From the initial introduction to the system itself, training and acquiring the app, the whole process was quick and straightforward. WorkPal’ customer service is excellent and I can contact them with any queries very easily.”