Safety Shield Global Upgrade to Field Service Scheduling Software

by | Mar 14, 2022

Safety Shield Global, which specialises in advanced AI collision avoidance systems, seeks to improve the overall safety for all road users and construction/rail workers across the globe. With installations taking place on-site, the business employs a number of field engineers, ensuring work is completed to a high standard for every customer.

What challenges did you face?

Having been operating with a paper-heavy system, Safety Shield Global decided it was time to upgrade to field service scheduling software to help manage on-site installations of its collision avoidance system.

“We were operating under a good old fashioned system using paper copies and Excel spreadsheets. While this worked to an extent, it wasn’t efficient. As the business has continued to grow it became harder and harder to manage workflow and job sheets in this way.

“In addition, our ISO standards require a lot of process evidence to be documented and produced which was always difficult pulling together hard paper copies from various departments and jumping between multiple Excel spreadsheets during the annual audits. We, therefore, wanted to find a software solution that would help us manage our workforce out on the road and streamline the internal paperwork across departments and keep it in a central location.”

How has WorkPal benefitted you since you implemented the software?

“WorkPal has allowed us to bring everything under one roof. From raw product testing, system building, engineer installation, customer job sheets as well as an end to end financial traceability, WorkPal has made everything easier and more efficient.”

WorkPal also offers users the feature of client portals, meaning not only can you keep an eye on jobs that are in progress, but your clients can see job status and any important paperwork or documentation which is an additional benefit of choosing to upgrade to field service scheduling software.

“By having different unique mobile users, it also allows us to focus on accountability and ensure everyone is following company standards. If there are issues, identify them and implement further training. The addition of vehicle tracking and being able to provide a customer with a unique engineer tracker has also been beneficial so they can see for themselves when the engineer will be arriving instead of having to call the office.”

How has WorkPal benefitted you since you implemented the software?

“Overall it was very easy to implement, and the onboarding process was great and really flexible with great customer service.”

WorkPal has internal teams dedicated to each part of the implementation process, from initial contact regarding any digital forms you require, to a full in-depth analysis of your operational processes to ensure the system works as you need it to. Once your set-up is complete, our team will fully train the end users on both the desktop and mobile apps.

“The WorkPal team were always great to find solutions and were always available for a chat to discuss what we were trying to make the system do. It does exactly as we want it to.”

Do you think you were given enough training and support with WorkPal and is there enough support post set-up?

“Yes, we opted to do all our training back-to-back and approach it in a bit of a crash course style but as the sessions were recorded and sent to us, we could always revisit specific areas if we were unsure.”

Should your team require additional or refresher training, our team is available to help.

“Following the main training block there was regular contact to see how we were getting on and there was always someone available if we needed to call to ask specifics.” Our in-house customer success team works with clients on an ongoing basis to ensure they are getting the most out of the system and using the features to the fullest.

Once you are fully functional and happy with the system, our Technical Account Managers will manage your system, make changes or answer any questions you have.

Do you think you were given enough training and support with WorkPal and is there enough support post set-up?

“Yes, 100%. Great solution at a fantastic price point with a solid onboarding process and great customer care.”