CRM Electrical Finds the Best Software for Electrical Job Management

by | Mar 10, 2022

Scottish electrical business, CRM Electrical Services is known for its range of electrical installation services and exceptional customer experience. Serving the Central Scotland region, the business is family-owned and has been in operation since 2016. CRM is fully qualified and registered to the latest standards for the industry in order to bring its customers reliable, fast and, quality and efficient services including EV Charging, domestic and commercial installs, fixed wire testing and maintenance.

What challenges did you face? Why did you feel the need for this software in the first place?

Speaking to Owner, Craig McLaughlin, it was apparent CRM needed a more structured way of capturing information and managing this data more effectively. The business had been looking for the best software for electrical job management when it discovered WorkPal. “The way our business was operating meant we needed detailed capture of all jobs and material requirements. Keeping track of the work quality and materials was difficult.”

How has WorkPal benefitted you since you implemented the software?

Since implementing a reliable and effective job management solution, CRM has been able to streamline the way its field service staff operate as well as improve work processes for management. “WorkPal has taken the pressure off myself and the team. Having all the important information In front of me on a desktop instead of paper and diaries has been great.”

Moving to a paperless solution helps organise your data better with information stored within each job for easy and fast access. By storing everything online, you are less likely to misplace or damage pieces of essential paperwork. This is vital, especially within the electrical industry where certifications are a legal requirement.

Craig continues, “[It’s a] faster and more efficient way of working.”

  1. How easy was WorkPal to implement into your business?

When making the move to a software solution, communication with your provider is key. Having a team of in-house contacts can make all the difference, especially when migrating existing data, digitising forms and training staff on the system.

“[It was] very easy to adapt to WorkPal. [The system is] user-friendly and there are great tools available to assist with the day to day work activities.”

WorkPal’s dedicated teams of Implementation Specialists, Software Developers and Customer Success Managers mean you are walked through the entire process after the point of sale. We’ll look at your existing processes and find the best way of migrating you to your new system. This includes digitising your existing forms, importing data and finalising your workflow.

  1. Do you think you were given enough training and support with WorkPal and is there enough support post set-up?

Ensuring users are trained on the system is essential to success in moving to job management software. Once the system is fully implemented, managers are given a schedule of training across a number of weeks which covers the desktop and mobile app.

“The training and support was spot on! Everything was made clear and any questions we asked were met with a response which satisfied our company needs.”

On-going technical support is provided through our in-house Technical Account Managers who liaise between the customer and other internal departments to make sure everything is running smoothly and providing exceptional customer service.

  1. Would you recommend WorkPal to another company?

Craig explains, “I have already recommended WorkPal to other friends who operate similar small companies and hope they get on board!” WorkPal  is continuously developing to ensure it is the best software for electrical job management.