by | Oct 6, 2020

Specialist heating company, Protech Heating Ltd, has commended WorkPal’s workflow management solution, as its bespoke plumbing & heating software has allowed them to enhance their business capabilities and bridge the gap in customer communications.


Established in 2008, Protech Heating saw a gap in the market place for a specialist heating company offering a high quality/ technical solution to many prospective clients, heating systems and complex boiler/burner applications.

Protech Heating, which has offices in both Glasgow and London, provide a range of services including – Combustion Services – Energy Efficient Heating Solutions – Commercial Heating – Commercial Gas Services – Industrial/Process Heating – M&E Projects – Maintenance – 24/7 365 day emergency call out service.

Ian Mathieson from Protech heating explains, “We have achieved sustainable growth by providing a flexible, reliable, and high quality service combined with excellent customer care and client communication. Our solutions are customer focused and we work closely with our clients to assist them in making key strategic best value/energy efficient decisions about their properties.”


What were Protech’s Job Management Issues?


Ian described Protech’s need for a faster and highly accurate piece of bespoke software to manage their ever increasing volume of paperwork. Ian emphasised, “Our numbers have grown over the years and our handpicked team are highly skilled and extremely well trained. Due to this continued growth the challenge we faced was ensuring our high quality customer service and communications were maintained.”

WorkPal’s bespoke software means the application can be tailored to meet the needs of the customer. Protech explained that the increase of information meant managing paperwork was becoming more difficult. WorkPal’s job scheduling and invoicing features have helped with updating customer profiles in a timely manner, leading to improvements in job efficiency and communication.

WorkPal monitors and records the daily activities of mobile staff, completely replacing manual records. As soon as the mobile worker logs on in the morning, WorkPal starts charting their activities – from travel time between sites, to hours spent on each job. Every timesheet feeds automatically straight into the system to be logged against the correct job.


Benefits of WorkPal for Protech?


WorkPal incorporates a variety of features to ensure that you can manage all jobs effectively. Ian highlighted the importance of receiving job information from their team of engineers stating, “Real time data allows us to update our customer profiles quicker and manage our service delivery more efficiently.”

Raising the visibility of your workforce through real time data means you can achieve the best output from each asset & resource and reduce operational costs. This saves valuable time, gets mobile staff to their jobs quicker and improves customer service.


How did WorkPal Enhance Business Capabilities?


“In a service industry where communication and reputation is everything, WorkPal helps us ensure that our customers are kept fully up-to-date on the status of the works that we carry out for them as promptly as possible, from job progress through to job completion and invoicing.”

Customers are at the forefront of any business and the team at WorkPal understand the need for transparent and up to date information between the customer and service provider. All jobs begin with a quotation and WorkPal’s quote management feature means you stay on top of budgets and support financial planning by maintaining a real-time cost history against individual assets. Its ability to accurately book jobs, forecast costs and timescales and dispatch your mobile workforce to best effect, radically improves the process of providing sustainable, viable business quotes.

From quotes through to job reporting and invoicing, WorkPal provides the tools to ensure your customer is kept informed no matter how big or small the job is. Job reports are automatically generated and deliver vital insight into how each job has performed.

“WorkPal allows us to enhance our business capabilities by bridging the gap between exceptional service delivery and an effective maintenance management system.”


Would You Recommend WorkPal?


“I would definitely recommend WorkPal. The systems we have used previously have been rigid and many aspects of our current operations needed to work around them. For us the greatest asset of WorkPal is its offering of bespoke software to suit the requirements of our business, making it as tailored as possible to ensure we meet the needs of our customers and exceed their expectations of our service delivery.”