by | Oct 6, 2020


Established in 2006, Footfall Ltd provides modular floor and wall protection solutions to clients nationwide. Footfall offer site surveys and a comprehensive supply and fit service. The company employs a number of field engineers for their sales and installation teams, operating all over the Island of Ireland from Cork to Belfast.



Footfall has experienced significant growth in recent years and therefore had outgrown their current workflow process. The company needed to improve communications within the business from office staff to their field engineers. Footfall realised the advantages of implementing a comprehensive workflow system to help improve all areas of the business.



“By introducing WorkPal’s workflow system, we have established a comprehensive catalogue of all products and services.” All information is stored within WorkPal meaning it is easily accessible to all users of the system. All relevant information needed can be stored within the job file, saving engineers and office staff from sorting through paperwork to find what they need.

The adaptation of forms into a digital format considerably reduces time spent on manual input. Upon set up of your WorkPal system you will have the option to have your paperwork transformed into Digital Forms by our in-house development team. All information captured via the WorkPal app is automatically synced back to the office and can be emailed and exported.

The Job Scheduling feature incorporates a user friendly dashboard and real-time information, allowing office staff to accurately assign jobs to field engineers without the worry of overlap. “Job scheduling has been streamlined and installation management is less time consuming.” Users can see job status and plan adequately for future works.

Having all information stored within WorkPal means Quote Management becomes much simpler. The sales teams have access to information from previous jobs including all resources used, reducing the risk of under-quoting. Quotes become more accurate and professional, saving time and money. “Quote management became simplified and allowed us to respond more efficiently to our clients.”



“WorkPal’s workflow system has enhanced the way we operate in every way. From job scheduling to quoting and invoicing, everything is more efficient.” By streamlining the workflow process and improving communication both internally and externally, Footfall is now able to spend more time focusing on its customers and tailoring its business to meet client needs.

“We found WorkPal has offered us a platform which improves communication between our different teams. When our sales teams create jobs on WorkPal, information is automatically fed through to the installation teams, in turn, completed jobs automatically generate invoices.” Having WorkPal’s Invoicing feature means nothing is missed and invoices are sent directly to the client improving business cash flow.



”We would highly recommend WorkPal. From the initial project team right through to daily support, WorkPal has transformed the way we work.”