Plumbing And Heating Software; Boost Your Business

by | Oct 27, 2021 | Blog, Business Insights

Plumbing and heating job management software, the world wide, is changing lives, but close to home you have a company that is making tracks, bringing success to its clients through its streamlined, cloud-based solution. 


Imagine being able to transform the way that your engineers communicate, taking the stress out of management and eliminating human error to a huge degree, through the plumbing and heating software’s innate ability to track and shuffle jobs as and when required. 


WorkPal allows teams to work better, together and achieve more than ever thought possible. Even better yet, you can see a free demonstration of the software before you decide if it is right for you.


Specialist heating company, Heat Doc, is a company that uses WorkPal. They explained their issues and the hurdles WorkPal has helped them overcome throughout this piece.


Heat Doc is a registered installer of technology that saves energy through heat pumps, solar, underfloor heating, wall and ceiling heating and energy saving radiators.


For decades office staff and field engineers have struggled to communicate effectively.


“We needed one platform to allow office admin & on road engineers to be able to work in alignment.”

Historically in large companies, or any size for that matter, there can be a breakdown in communication, a lost piece of paperwork, and as a result a backlog of work and delays in achieving the end goal.


“We had issues with scheduling jobs in an efficient manner. We were finding that we were wasting time and money on general running costs.”



The plumbing and heating software from Work Pal operates drag and drop technology for easy scheduling and forward planning. The software ensures conflicts do not occur with its user-friendly interface and absences management feature. The information is provided in real time and plans to ensure the adequate resources are available to meet not only the current, but also the anticipated needs. The scheduling software provides a quick and easy way for office staff to allocate and re-assign jobs, saving the business time on administration duties.


“WorkPal also makes it very easy to link invoices for completed jobs”. Ensuring through this, that no invoicing is forgotten about and payments can be made faster.



Quickly, users can access the information in real time and see the jobs that are currently in progress and therefore, the resources available can be assigned accordingly. Information can be filtered and customised in order to make informed decisions based on the most relevant data.


With plumbing and heating software capabilities, all job resources are synced to the office, providing reports that can be exported from the scheduling software.



“Yes, we would absolutely recommend WorkPal to other companies as it is very user-friendly. It is a great addition to our working day.”


In the service industry, communication is everything and WorkPal is helping to ensure customers are kept fully up to date, that communication gaps are bridged and that internal processes, that were once highly time consuming, are automated so that time can be spent focusing on the other parts of the business that need attention and therefore the business can excel.


For more information on WorkPal and how their plumbing and heating software can benefit your business, book a demo with them today. The team at WorkPal are available to contact for general enquiries through email at or you can call them on 02890271777.