Minimum Requirements

WorkPal Limited


February 2024


Computer Hardware/OS/Browser Requirements

To use the desktop/browser-based version of the Software, the computer hardware and software should meet or exceed the following:


A Windows PC, running Windows 10 or higher,


an Apple Macintosh running Mac OS 12 or higher.


While the Desktop application may work on certain tablet devices, it is not tested or optimised for these, and WorkPal does not guarantee its correct functionality.


On any of the above devices, the desktop version of the WorkPal Software will only be supported on latest version of Google Chrome web browser, using a version within five revisions of the latest release – so for example if the current version of Chrome is v120, then version v115 or higher is required.


The customer should use a broadband connection of 20Mb or above for acceptable performance. The monitor resolution should be a minimum of 1440 x 900. The desktop app can be used on mobile tablets but is not guaranteed to work at lower resolutions. As the Chrome browser available on iOS currently uses the Safari render engine, some features may not be supported on this device.


JavaScript and Cookies must be enabled for the WorkPal Software to function.


Mobile Device Requirements

The WorkPal Software mobile application requires an Android or iOS device, running Android OS v9 or above, or iOS 15 or above. Older versions are not supported. WorkPal reserves the right to increase these OS limits, in line with manufacturer support and security guidelines, as newer versions of the operating systems are released, in order for us to maintain the security and performance of the software.


The device requires Wi-Fi or 3G mobile data to function correctly (although will continue to function during temporary periods of no network connectivity). Certain features of the mobile application require GPS and/or a camera to function correctly, and permissions must be given by the user of the software.


The app design is optimised for mobile phone handsets, and although Android and iOS tablets are supported, the design is not tailored for these devices. Flip or Folding Android Devices may also not provide the best user experience, based on their screen size and layout.


WorkPal is not responsible for your data-usage when using the app.

WorkPal’s mobile apps are updated regularly to add features and fix bugs. Operatives should update as soon as possible when an update to the WorkPal software is released. We cannot offer support for Operatives using an outdated version of the app, and older versions will eventually be unable to send or receive any data until they are updated.


We also recommend that you update your device Operating System when new versions are release, if your hardware supports it, for security and performance reasons.

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