Employee Health & Wellbeing Form Available at WorkPal

by | Jun 30, 2021 | Blog, News

Mental health and general well-being within the workplace have become increasingly important with more and more companies making an effort to focus on their employees’ health and happiness.

It has been proven that happier employees engage more with co-workers, are more productive, and have fewer sick days per year. In the current climate, employees are becoming increasingly more concerned about their health and the implications COVID-19 may have on the business they work for.

TINYpluse research found the top 10 concerns employees about COVID-19 affecting their work life.

With many field engineers working remotely and often autonomously, good mental health is something businesses should be supporting. That’s why we are offering our customers an employee well-being survey, built into WorkPal, completely free of charge.

This form is optional for employees, completely confidential and they can complete it at the start of their working day. The goal is to learn what you can do to help create a better working environment for everyone in your team.

If you would like to have these forms enabled on your WorkPal system please email our support team at support@workpal.app.