WorkPal Aids YY Security in Business Growth

by | Nov 2, 2020

About YY Security

Established over 70 years ago, YY Security is a family owned business that handles all aspects of Security. As specialist locksmiths, the team also install high level security systems across the country working with key clients including Canary Wharf Group, Lanes Group and Engie. The business operates with multiple field engineers in various locations and had been seeing issues in its mobile workforce management,

Mobile Workforce Management Issues

Managing a mobile workforce can be expensive and time consuming without the right software. “Prior to WorkPal we were using a work system provided by our client which was very limited, dated and time consuming.”

Ensuring your engineers are managed correctly and your clients are happy with the service is vital to the success of your business. “We found the level of reporting was limited and the quality was poor.”

Benefits of Using WorkPal

A major benefit of the WorkPal system is its ability to show live job list information including job status and progress. Office staff can see which engineers are available for incoming jobs, schedule them in and WorkPal automatically send the engineer a job notification to their mobile app. “Since using WorkPal we have been able to plan work for effectively.”  The scheduling feature allows users to easily allocate jobs and make changes with its drag and drop technology.

Once a job has been scheduled, engineers can see a breakdown of each task that needs to be completed and parts associated with the job. This helps to manage and keep track of jobs with live feedback. Rates and costs can be set against tasks, enabling them to be pulled into invoicing or help with job costing in future quotes.

“We have also been able to provide our Client’s with portal access, allowing them to review all completed jobs.” The client portal access feature in WorkPal gives your customers access to view what you want them to see including job progress, on-site assets, completed jobs and reports. “Providing this has benefited our client’s assurance process greatly. It has also provided them with a higher level of confidence in us, as they can see all information live on the system regarding their portfolio.”

Enhanced Business Capabilities

By implementing a system that is less labour intensive, YY Security has been able to spend less time on mundane tasks and allocate time more effectively. “Providing our clients with portal access has enabled us to offer new and existing Clients new packages. Thus, growing the company’s revenue streams.”

Would you recommend WorkPal?

“We would recommend Workpal, as they will deal with client specific and individual needs rather than providing a shelf built project. They are constantly working on ways to improve and grow the needs of our mobile workforce management system.”


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